A Simple Rule – If they ask for more money, it isn’t “Reform.”

Comparing fake and real Reform



With Illinois Budget Negotiations down to the wire, the pols & press are luring us into a false sense of security on the tax increase issue. The Education Front groups like A+ Illinois and CTBA are still pushing hard for their fake tax swap, and my bet is that they figure out a way to get it. One trick they have pulled out of their hat is promising “reform” – which, of course, requires more money. Don’t buy it.

The tax and spend lobby is calling their basket of ideas “The Burnham Plan” Here is the link.

Their plan advocates a few decent reforms, the most notable being the creation of an “Independent Charter Authorization Board” and charter expansion. But even here, they expose themselves as liars by placing all “reforms” in the future. The massive tax increase of course, will be immediate.

Despite one or two good ideas, (which will never be implemented) A+Illinois’ “Burnham Plan” is really a warmed-over hodge-podge of sops to even more unnecessary bureaucracy. They argue they need more money. But true reform shouldn’t cost a dime. That is why my plan is better for Illinois. It is better for the state’s children, parents, and business climate.

Compare theirs with a REAL reform plan!

I’ve finished & tweaked the Executive Summary of what I now call “The Fundamental Reform of Illinois Tax and Education Systems. When I first posted this, I received many good (and challenging) questions. These were addressed in the re-write. Read it, debate it with me, leave a comment, or not. Enjoy.

Executive Summary – A Fundamental Reform of Illinois’ Tax and Education Systems (PDF)

A brief synopsis…

It talks about Tax reform.

1. Zero out the local property tax for schools
2. Pass HB750 increases at the state level

These result in a $2-3 billion dollar tax cut for Illinois. It constitutes a REAL, not FAKE, tax swap for Illinois.

It talks about Education Reform.

1. Phase out the School District – it is an essentially useless entity designed to spend money
2. Convert EVERY Illinois public school to an independent charter school
3. Provide Every Child in Illinois with a $7,000 scholarship (indexed to inflation) to be used a ANY participating school
4. Replaces ALL state mandates with an annual, uniform testing regime that covers a broad and sequenced set of rich content standards.

These result in REAL local control (by the parent) of every education dollar. It creates a dynamic for creation of 100s of different education institutions by creating a “Child Based” education over today’s “Bureaucracy-Based” system. For more details, click the audio link on the upper left of this page.