Would you hire new workers…

…if you were about to be hit with energy, health, income, and corporate income tax increases?

Don’t these people understand the first thing about business or economics. Of course they don’t. None of them has ever met a payroll or worked in anything other than a protected and coddled corporate environment.

U.S. job loss report is blow to still-fragile recovery

With the jobless rate stuck in double digits and Democrats worried that the weak economy will prompt voters to turn on them in fall elections, the White House plans more public events in coming weeks to underscore its concern about jobs and the economy. On Friday, President Obama called the employment report a setback during his announcement of $2.3 billion in tax credits to support renewable energy, which the administration says will create 17,000 jobs.

“The road to recovery is never straight,” Obama said, “and we have to continue to work every single day to get our economy moving again.”

Senate Democrats, meanwhile, have begun crafting a bill to encourage job creation, which Democratic aides said will likely focus on small business, infrastructure spending and “green” energy. The House passed a $154 billion jobs bill in December.

There will be recovery of sorts next year, but the idea that it will create jobs is pretty laughable. Those who weathered the last few years will do OK, but the policies put forth by the Democrats will result in very few new private sector jobs. Any real growth will be in government jobs and/or protected industries, indicating that they will essentially be patronage jobs – the only kind Democrats know how to create.