Why Jim Ryan can’t win a General Election

I hope Republicans understand that nominating someone from the existing political class in Illinois means that they lose another General Election, probably badly. Legal or illegal, the stink of “business-as-usual” isn’t going get a Republican across the finish line in November.

[point of disclosure - I am a consultant on Adam Andrzejewski's campaign]

Jim Ryan backers got rich pension deals

But there’s more that could prove to be troubling for Ryan’s bid for governor. Two investment firms whose managers collectively gave more than $70,000 to Ryan’s failed 2002 gubernatorial campaign subsequently got multimillion-dollar government pension deals, state records and transcripts of Levine’s testimony at Rezko’s trial show. Levine testified he helped the firms win those deals, which were approved by a state board on which Levine sat within 30 days of the contributions to Ryan’s campaign fund.

Levine never testified there was any “pay-to-play” quid pro quo involved here. Nor did prosecutors question him on the witness stand about whether he was trading state business for contributions to Ryan. Their questions focused instead on how Levine influenced investment decisions as a board member of the Teachers’ Retirement System of Illinois, which court testimony showed was at the heart of Rezko’s and Levine’s scheme to try to line their pockets through government deals.

Vote for Adam Andrzejewski. Everyone else in the race is a political insider, and all of them have baggage in one form or another. You can all argue about ‘experience’ til you’re blue in the face. In this election cycle, you need to realize the meaning of “longshot.”

The Dems have a 22 point edge in Party Affiliation (Thank you Tom Cross and Andy McKenna). Yes, the Dems have driven the state into a ditch, but every Republican on the ballot helped (except for Adam).

Hence, long shot or not, Adam has the shortest shot of all the Republican candidates, particularly in this election cycle.