Why do citizens allow such greed in their government?

Selfish State of the Unions

New York state and city are drowning in red ink, but don’t waste your breath telling it to government unions. They got theirs, and they’ll do anything and everything to keep it.

Gov. Paterson’s plan to delay 4 percent raises so the state doesn’t run out of cash is met with threats of lawsuits.

Mayor Bloomberg’s call for relatively modest spending cuts provokes warnings that the city will sink into the Hudson if a penny is subtracted from bloated budgets.

The way organized labor sees it, sacrifice is for suckers. Let somebody else pay.

There once was a time when public-employee unions were responsible citizens. They saw their members’ well-being directly tied to the well-being of the people and institutions they served. The movement was probably more militant 40 years ago, but it famously did its part to help the city out of the fiscal crisis of the ’70s.

As for the specific matter at hand, every Governor, Democrat or Republican, needs to cut the pay and precipitate the lawsuit. Once the suit gains press coverage, no citizen will be un-informed as to the seething greed of public unions.

Generally, the article is accurate, but I take issue with the idea that public employee unions have ever been responsible citizens. Like the British coal miners who struck for higher wages during wartime (having the government over a barrel), unions – Public Unions in particular – are not “citizens” at all. They are parasites. They are bankrupting entire states, bleeding taxpayers, and they are fully aware that they are killing the host that feeds them.

Just look at Greece. That is what is coming here, unless we end public unionism entirely. Teachers, professors, police and firefighters, et.al. all need to be under the protection of a decent (and flexible) civil service code. Beyond that, public unionism needs to be abolished.