Why are you letting these people rape you?

The Enormous Cost of Public Unions

Why? So members can live much better on average than those of us in the private sector.

To get a better idea of how this works, meet Hugo Tassone, a Yonkers police officer who retired three years ago at age 44 earning a salary of $74,000 a year. Now receiving an annual pension of $101,333, he raised the amount to that sum by working scads of overtime in his last year on the job, it’s reported.

That’s legal, and he defends himself in a front-page, New York Times story by saying that a cop’s work is difficult, that he took on those duties knowing he could retire after 20 years and that inflation will eat into the large amount as he gets older.

Break the promises. Drive them into court. Let the headlines destroy what little remains of their support. It’s worth it.