What if the goal is to reverse progress?

The link below is to a good editorial from a Las Vegas paper. I just think the editorial writer missed the main point.

Climate Folly

Has there ever been a more pitiful example of misguided nonsense, aggressive idiocy and functional stupidity than last week’s climate change conference in Copenhagen?

The weeklong orgy of excess — to which most participants arrived in plush, carbon-emitting private jets and were shuttled around in limos — was nothing more than another leftist shakedown of wealthy nations on behalf of “developing” countries. This time in the name of saving the planet.

Promoting panic in the name of global warming is the Trojan horse for those who seek to overhaul the world economy by subverting capitalism and advancing collectivism. There is absolutely no evidence that mandating strict carbon emission standards will do anything at all to solve the perceived problem. Instead, we were treated to another U.N. gathering at which Third World hacks such as Hugo Chavez are applauded while Western ideals are dismissed and derided.

Instead of offering more and more handouts, President Obama should have stood tall and explained that wealthy nations are wealthy for a reason: They stand atop political and cultural institutions that respect private property, contract law, individual liberty and capitalism.

Here is my question for the editorial writer. What evidence is there, after nearly one year in office, that Obama himself respects “private property, contract law, individual liberty and capitalism.” To me, it seems clear that he wishes to destroy all of the above, and as quickly as possible.