Vile Unions, Vile Democrats

Some people dislike my aggressive language toward teachers unions and their purchased lapdogs in both craven parties. If you can’t see how these greedy and powerful institutions are hurting the poor (and therefore America), then you are either stupid, or willfully lying to yourself.

Step up for D.C. vouchers

The animus toward this tiny, clearly successful program is not grounded in logic. “The real goal of education,” Ms. Feinstein said, sensibly enough, “ought to be to provide a number of different choices for youngsters so you can see where they learn best and then enable them to be in that situation.” That’s supposed to be the philosophy of Mr. Obama’s Education Department, too, which purports to want to reward programs that work. The program has been subject to rigorous scientific study, and preliminary evaluations have shown academic gains and student improvement. But the Obama administration had shut the door on new students and didn’t lift a hand to rally support for its continuation.

Destroying this program is an act of evil. I want all of you Democrats to ask yourself how all your self-righteous blather about the “poor” sits with you as you support a President and Party doing evil to those same people.

Your Party (and any Republican who takes union money and votes as they are told) is engaging in evil. Live with it.