The sick minds at the MEA and MESSA

Very few organizations do as good a job exposing Union Greed as the folks at Education Action Group and MEA Exposed.

I make no apologies for my harsh rhetoric against Teacher Union Greed. These greedy liars deserve every ounce of ridicule and derision, as they stand at the door and keep poor children out of good schools so that they, and their oily administrative enablers, can suck down untold and undeserved pension and perks.

Here is simply one more example of their avarice.

MESSA under fire in Fox 17 report

Crush the Unions, people. The degree to which they force their greed down the throat of the taxpayer should disgust you. You should revolt. That crap at the end of the segment about how “stressful” it is to be a teacher made me retch.

These are the people that drove Michigan’s economy into a ditch. Make them pay for their whole premium and see how fast they clamor for HSAs.