The Honest Left wonders what happened.

Some honest Illinois citizens could have told them.

There is nothing “liberal” about “The Chicago Way.”

Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama Presidency

It’s a vital article — a brave one — that interviews “dozens of interviews with his closest allies and friends in Washington”.

Most are unnamed because the consequences of retribution from this powerful foursome can be severe in an access-dependent town. John Podesta, President of the powerful, adminstration-tilting Center for American Progress, had the temerity and self-confidence to put his thoughts publicly on the record. But most others could not.

Mark Schmitt, executive editor of the liberal magazine American Prospect, wrote that “Luce has written what seems to me the best and most succinct rundown of what’s gone wrong in the White House, with particular attention to the role of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.” But some of the big aggregators out there — Mike Allen at Politico and ABC’s The Note among others — didn’t give Luce’s juicy and lengthy essay any love.

But this Luce piece is unavoidably, accurately hard-hitting, and while many of the nation’s top news anchors and editors are sending emails back and forth (I have been sent three such emails in confidence) on what a spot-on piece Luce wrought on the administration, they fear that the “four horsepersons of the Obama White House” will shut down and cut off access to those who give the essay ‘legs.’

But in the too regularly vapid chatter about DC’s political scene, serious critiques of the internal game around Obama not only deserve review on their own merits but have to be read — because Obama is not winning. He is failing and people need to consider “why”.

The resurgence of the right-center-right in the last year has much less to do with the Right having a better message. They have just barely started getting the act together.

The Right (and the nation) has merely been lucky that the Left, personified by Obama and his Chicago Crew, have absolutely no interest in governing. they are only interested in campaigning and “community organizing,” all for the purpose of consolidating power and handing out patronage contracts those who pay the fee. (see the Health Care Legislation)

The longer Obama keeps listening to the 4 horsemen of his own Apocalypse, the better for the rest of us.