UPDATED – To Heck with you, Dede Scozzafava

The text below the line is something I wrote prior to the recent news that Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat. What a skank. While it is good that she is out of the race, she is clearly a nasty person.

This is merely more grist for the mill for those who think this entire episode was manufactured by the Dems and the White House. Here’s to hoping Hoffman wins, and wins big.

I want to take a moment to remind all of you conservatives to be thankful for the decency of Dede Scozzafava. Early on, Scozzafava attacked her 3rd party challenger, following the example of New Jersey, where the Republican stupidly attacked Independent Daggett.

Thankfully, she decided to drop out of the race, which is an act of decency. If you have a chance, take the time to comment positively on this action to your friends and acquaintances when you discuss politics.

People ought to be rewarded for doing the right thing in politics, and a kind word of thanks can’t hurt.