It’s simple Barack, move to the right

This isn’t much of a surprise…

Barack Obama looks to Bill Clinton for answers

Many Obama operatives are scornful of Mr Clinton’s tendency for small-bore tinkering and his embrace of populist centrist initiatives during most of his time in office. But they are nonetheless well aware that his change of strategy, after his own attempt at health care reform led by then first lady Hillary became fatally bogged down, completely resurrected his faltering presidency. “The President needs to focus relentlessly on the economy and assure Americans that he really understands what they’re going through,” Dan Gerstein, a senior Democratic strategist and former advisor to one-time vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, told The Sunday Telegraph.

Obama himself is “scornful” of the center. That is why they are in process of returning the favor.

All he as to do to save his Presidency is move to the right. Pass health care that allows people to keep and expand choice (HSAs), Cut taxes so the economy turns around (Tax Cuts far outperform spending if “Stimulus” is your goal), and expand free trade (only the misinformed and Unions support trade protection).

It’s easy to save your Presidency, Barack. Move right. Quickly.

Good song, bad video, but very funny

“The Great Obloviator”

Face it everyone, he’s just not that good.

Mr. Cool gets Hot

Barack Obama is not unfamiliar with delivering big-stakes, high-pressure, bet-the-farm speeches—but the challenges presented by Wednesday’s State of the Union are of a different kind and order of magnitude than he has ever confronted before. In the wake of the smack-upside-the-head loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat last week in Massachusetts, with its dire implications for health-care reform and dark portents for

November’s midterm elections, Democrats in Washington and around the nation will be looking for more from Obama than mere eloquence or even passion and conviction. They will be studying him to see if he grasps the magnitude of his and his party’s peril, and trying to discern what he intends to do about it.

Of all of his “high stakes” speeches, can you remember one memorable phrase or policy?

“Soft bigotry of low expectations?” That was Bush in 2000.

“The liberty we prize is not America’s gift to the world, it is God’s gift to humanity..” That was Bush too.

Obama? C’mon. Name one line. “Yes we can?”

Barack Obama is certainly smart, and in an off-the-cuff conversation or interview, far outshines Bush, who couldn’t seem to articulate policy to save his life. But the myth that he is a great communicator is pretty silly. His “big speeches” are not memorable. Furthermore, if the “Jeremiah Wright/Race Speech” (during the primary) is any indication, his speeches are incomprehensible, in that he has to spend a week explaining what he meant.

For Obama to regain his footing, though, will require more than that. One of the greatest puzzles of 2009 is how this most gifted of communicators and his team of savvy message-meisters failed so utterly to provide a compelling explanatory framework for his ambitious policy agenda. Health care, of course, is Exhibit A in this indictment. For all the complaints in some quarters about the performance of Rahm Emanuel, the truth is that the White House chief of staff has played the inside game adroitly. What’s been missing has been equal skill at the outside game, in the form of an overarching argument at once coherent and compelling to the broad electorate—the kind of thing at which both Obama and his message guru, David Axelrod, once seemed to be geniuses.

The left, far more effective at running “the permanent campaign” than the right, fails to understand that their skill in this arena is also their greatest downfall. They can’t govern (nationally) because they never stop campaigning. The fact that much of the campaign is viewed as a pack of lies (by all sides) doesn’t help.

The hard left feels lied to over the war, health care, and social issues, while the center/independents feel lied over transparency and his “post-partisan” rhetoric. When Obama is pragmatic, he ends up ticking off 2/3rd of the nation, and the right merely sits back and waits for the nation to return to them. Obama is now trapped between every one of his promises and every one of his actions since taking office.

With no where left to turn, we are about to see “The Real Obama.”

What does the Massachusetts special election tell us about President Obama? Nothing good. Scott Brown’s victory over Martha Coakley not only ended the Democrats’ filibuster-proof Senate majority. It also exposed as false the White House’s preferred storyline about the president’s ideology, capacities, and temperament—what you might call the Obama Myth.

The Obama Myth rests on three assumptions: (a) Obama is a nonideological pragmatist; (b) Obama is an uncommonly powerful communicator; and (c) Obama has a gut connection with the people. All three are wrong. Only the Democrats’ fantasy that opposition to their agenda is limited to a lunatic fringe has blinded them from seeing the president’s liabilities. Let’s open their eyes.

Read the article.

Best News Yet for Republicans

Obama pledges campaign for health-care bill and Democrats

With unemployment hovering in the double digits and House Democrats eager to move on to the politically crucial task of job creation, President Obama pledged Thursday to publicly champion the health-care legislation that in the past year has consumed much of their attention and often made them targets.

Yes, by all means, let’s move to Job Creation right after passing a job-destroying bill.

You GO! Barack. Campaign for your Democrats. Please.

Cadillacs are lousy cars anyway…

I’m enjoying the irony of Barack Obama potentially enacting a law that hurt 10s of 1000s of one of his biggest constituencies – Big Labor.

If you come to this site often, you know that I despise both 3rd payer, and single payer health care as unworkable schemes that end – badly – with some bureaucrat (government or corporate) rationing your health care. That is why there is no intellectually sound argument against a) getting rid of employer paid health care, and b) providing large tax subsidies for the individualization of health care.

You can debate various details, but any argument against that model is simply wrong.

This brings me to the lamentation of the unions (and you know how I like to hear unions lament). They are lamenting the taxation of so-called “Cadillac Plans.” For those of you who don’t know what that means, it stands for the benefit-rich health insurance plans that large institution buy for either their pampered corporate employees, or the union workers who have the clout to negotiate for them.

Let’s start with this.

Cadillac Plans are bad. OK? They lead to massive over-utilization, and thus can never be priced high enough to actually cover their costs. Therefore, while I would hope that ObamaCare never passes in any form, the idea that a Democratic Congress and President are about to pass an awful, majority-ending, bill that taxes Caddies out of existence is a silver lining in this otherwise big, stinky cloud.

Labor angry over Obama-backed insurance tax

A Monday evening meeting at the White House between Obama and about a dozen heads of the country’s biggest labor unions capped a day when two union leaders fired broadsides at Obama and Senate Democrats over their plans to pay for overhauling the nation’s health care system with a tax union leaders fear could hurt their workers.

The 40 percent tax would fall on employer health plans worth more than $8,500 for an individual or $23,000 for a family. Although Obama terms them “Cadillac” plans, union leaders say numerous working-class Americans who’ve negotiated good benefits in exchange for lesser pay would be hurt.

The president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, warned that Democrats risk catastrophic election defeats similar to 1994 if they fail to come up with a health bill labor likes.

“A bad bill could have that kind of effect — a place where people sit at home” — as happened in 1994, when Democrats lost 54 House seats and eight in the Senate, costing them control of Congress, Trumka told reporters.

The ultimate irony is that Obama won a few battleground states running against McCain’s plan to tax Cadillac Plans to pay for individual subsidies. Here is the unvarnished truth, everyone. If you don’t take the responsibility for managing your own health care, you deserve to be swatted around by a bureaucrat. The problem is that I don’t deserve to suffer because of your intellectual abdication over your own life.

Grow UP! Ration your own health care.

Would you hire new workers…

…if you were about to be hit with energy, health, income, and corporate income tax increases?

Don’t these people understand the first thing about business or economics. Of course they don’t. None of them has ever met a payroll or worked in anything other than a protected and coddled corporate environment.

U.S. job loss report is blow to still-fragile recovery

With the jobless rate stuck in double digits and Democrats worried that the weak economy will prompt voters to turn on them in fall elections, the White House plans more public events in coming weeks to underscore its concern about jobs and the economy. On Friday, President Obama called the employment report a setback during his announcement of $2.3 billion in tax credits to support renewable energy, which the administration says will create 17,000 jobs.

“The road to recovery is never straight,” Obama said, “and we have to continue to work every single day to get our economy moving again.”

Senate Democrats, meanwhile, have begun crafting a bill to encourage job creation, which Democratic aides said will likely focus on small business, infrastructure spending and “green” energy. The House passed a $154 billion jobs bill in December.

There will be recovery of sorts next year, but the idea that it will create jobs is pretty laughable. Those who weathered the last few years will do OK, but the policies put forth by the Democrats will result in very few new private sector jobs. Any real growth will be in government jobs and/or protected industries, indicating that they will essentially be patronage jobs – the only kind Democrats know how to create.

Obama’s thin gruel v. Reagan’s Robust Stew

Skip to the 6th minute, and watch from there.

Communism had no moral legitimacy. Neither does the Iranian regime. The least Obama could do is say so.

Obama missing huge opportunity in Iran

The regime is vulnerable. He could topple them with the proper application of verbal and moral support of the protesters. Instead, he offers thin gruel.

They were weeks away from execution…

…until Barack Obama gave them a chance to damage America through a trial circus.

9/11 suspects are meeting to lay out strategy for New York trial

Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four co-defendants accused of organizing the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks are meeting to plot legal strategy in advance of their transfer to New York and are learning as much as possible about criminal procedure in U.S. federal court, according to sources familiar with the detainees’ deliberations.

While the five men wanted to plead guilty in a military commission earlier this year to hasten their executions, sources now say that the detainees favor participating in a full-scale federal trial to air their grievances and expose their treatment while held by the CIA at secret prisons. The sources, who cautioned that the detainees’ final decision remains uncertain, spoke on the condition of anonymity because all communications with high-value detainees are presumptively classified.

Courtroom as pulpit?

In hearings at Guantanamo Bay, the five detainees have trumpeted their role in the 9/11 attacks and broadcast their fealty to Osama bin Laden, causing some consternation among observers that the men will use their federal trial as a pulpit of sorts. Federal officials, though, say they are confident that some of the rhetorical flourishes that Mohammed, in particular, offered at Guantanamo Bay will be kept firmly in check in U.S. District Court.

As horrible as this Administration has been on virtually every issue, it is this issue that most directly calls into question his motivation. There isn’t much more to say than this. If it wasn’t out of shear stupidity, it had to be out of malice.

Too few Americans understand that this is the goal

Barack Obama has no interest in making America better. His goal is to turn America into a European/Zimbabwean “paradise.” Once you realize this, it all becomes much more clear.

Maximum Achievable Damage

President Obama has betrayed every ringing promise he made about this reform. People will not be able to keep their health plans if they are happy with them. The federal government will determine which plans pass muster. As for not adding one dime to the federal deficit? Risible. The “savings” in the Senate bill consist of cuts to Medicare, not increased competition or more efficient delivery of services. And while CBO has scored the bill as reducing the deficit, CBO must abide by the assumptions Congress presents. It cannot say what we know from history to be the truth: Congress will not make cuts in Medicare. Besides, every entitlement ever enacted has wound up costing orders of magnitude more than the estimates at passage. That’s why the Medicare and Social Security unfunded liability is currently $107 trillion, according to a 2009 trustees’ report. The Reid bill will add at least 15 million new beneficiaries to Medicaid, accelerating that program’s budget-busting momentum.

Y’all elected a person who wants to convert the USA into the Eurozone run by a Patronage Hack. You should be slapped around for being so stupid.