The “Idiot Curriculum” fails another test

As you read the story linked below, please remember that the curriculum described there is in use (in some form or another) all over the United States. Your teacher (indoctrinated in and Ed School that actively ignores the science of learning) probably calls it “themed learning,” “integrated learning,” or some combination of those words.

It is a failure.

‘Tartan’ curriculum is a disaster as top school slumps to bottom of league table

A £20m school which axed traditional subjects in favour of a ‘tartan’ curriculum of lessons blended together has slumped to the bottom of a GCSE league table.

Bishops Park College in Clacton, Essex, emerged as the worst school in the country for raising pupils’ attainment five years after introducing an experimental curriculum which merged key subjects such as English, maths, science, history and geography into themed lessons that took up 70 per cent of the week.

“Slumped to the bottom,” as in the USA has “slumped to the bottom” in many subjects, and pays more for less and less “education.”

The 563-pupil school, housed in state-of-the-art buildings and trumpeted by Government curriculum advisers as a model for others to follow, recorded the lowest ‘valueadded-score of more than 3,100 state secondaries – the measure of how well a school helps its pupils make progress.

If teachers, who like to think of themselves as “professionals” despite the fact that they have sold their profession to a “Union drone” mindset decades ago, where held to “Professional Standards” for their work, most of them would be sued for malpractice.

For the 1000th time, this nation cannot afford your slavish devotion to these ineffective and corrupt public schools. Where they educate, they do so for far too much money. Where they fail, (and they fail much more than most of you are willing to admit) they so badly damage our society and the individuals they miseducate, that your support borders on enabling evil.