Paging Steve Rauschenberger…

There is now officially a “constituency for spending cuts.”

I don’t mean to pick on the good senator, but Steve Rauschenberger was the guy who told me (a few years ago at some ILL GOP event, that “there is no constituency for spending cuts.” Nonsense!

If you are ever told this by a politician, jump down their throat and say “THE HELL THERE ISN’T! There is a huge constituency for them. We aren’t as well funded, but if you make the case, we WILL come to your aid!”

In fairness, back in 2005, when many idiots thought they could retire of their 3 bedroom townhomes that were going to be worth $2.5million someday, it may have been harder to convince the voters that teachers and public employees were bankrupting their future.

Not any more. Union and Public Union positives are below 50% for the first time in decades. Drive their numbers into the dirt and cut spending on their greed to the bone. If you are still afraid of the teachers unions, you don’t deserve to be elected to office.

Either Reagan or George W. Bush could shape the fall election

I was sent an advance copy of another poll, this one done for the Third Way, a leading moderate think tank, by the Benenson Strategy Group, which has worked for past Obama campaigns. It suggests one way of shifting the odds.

This rests on reviving, one more time, the favorite Obama tactic of 2008: Run against George W. Bush, even though he is not on the ballot.

Unprompted, only 25 percent of voters in this survey said that they think that if Republicans regain a majority it will signal a return to Bush’s economic policies. By comparison, 65 percent say that a Republican Congress would promote “a new economic agenda that is different” from Bush’s.

The difference is dramatic when Bush enters the equation. Obama’s economic agenda is preferred over Bush’s by 49 percent to 34 percent. But a generic conservative approach, pitting a leader “who will start from scratch with new ideas to shrink government, cut taxes and grow the economy” beats one committed to sticking with Obama’s policies, 64 percent to 30 percent.

We are inside a short window(2-4 years) where we can literally freeze spending Government in place for generations. Let us not waste this opportunity.

Corruption is Killing Illinois (and America)…

…But are the citizens ready to try and change it?”

New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey are mentioned, but two of those stories involve sex scandals. That said, notice that where you have powerful Democratic Parties and well known inept and corrupt Republican Parties (NY, CT, NJ, and IL), this is the type of government you get.

The question is whether the citizens of these states are smart enough to change the leadership of both of these parties.

Steve Rauschenberger thinks not. The clip below doesn’t include the portion where he argues that people aren’t “fed up enough” (covered at Capitol Fax). Is he correct? I’m beginning to think that people are at least starting to understand that Blagojevich is merely a symptom of a far larger problem.