Incompetent Children in Charge of America

Who are these clowns (the occupants, not the guests)?

Obamas’ Uninvited Guests Prompt an Inquiry

WASHINGTON — The Secret Service is investigating how a couple aspiring to be reality-show celebrities managed to appear at President Obama’s first state dinner without being on the guest list, provoking questions about security at the White House.

The inquiry was begun after a Virginia couple, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, slipped past multiple layers of high-level White House security Tuesday night and managed to rub shoulders, literally, with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, among others, at Washington’s most exclusive social event this year.

Edwin M. Donovan, a spokesman for the Secret Service who spent his Thanksgiving Day dealing with phone calls from reporters, would not discuss the investigation in detail but said the initial focus was on “a Secret Service checkpoint which did not follow proper procedure to ensure these two individuals were on the invited guest list.”

Ridicule is the best medicine

Actually, he does have to do it if it undermines American prestige.

Ahh, the wonders of Ridicule

It’s time to start calling this the “Nixonian” presidency.

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Obama’s most disgusting act

Frankly, “disgusting” is too tepid a word. I think “evil” might be a tad too far, but if so, only by a little. That said, for those of us who knew from the beginning that Obama was nothing more than a well-spoken political hack for the extreme left, this single act proved us all correct.

Voices for Choice

Kevin Chavous is an African American and former Democratic city council member from Washington, D.C. He says he’s an Obama supporter, but he is distinctly unhappy with the president. Elections may have consequences, but no one expected that the White House would be so brazenly petty as to allow poor minority children in the nation’s worst school district to become the victims of political score-settling.

That’s exactly what happened when the Obama administration killed off the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program several months ago. Of course, if the White House thought that it could pay off the powerful teachers’ unions, and that the 750 kids in the program would be powerless to fight back, they made a serious miscalculation. Though Afghanistan, the economy, health care, and many other issues have been sucking up all the national-media oxygen, the school-choice efforts on the ground and in D.C. and in the halls of the Congress have been incessant and unyielding since the program was abruptly terminated.

The facts and events presented make an almost inarguable case for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program: The $7,500 vouchers cost about half of what it does to educate a student in D.C.’s dismal public schools; 36 percent of adults in D.C. are functionally illiterate; D.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in the country; the vast majority of D.C. residents are in favor of the program; a study earlier this year showed the program to be a success, but the Department of Education tried to squelch it. A prominent National Education Association teachers’-union leader explains why the powerful Democratic constituency protects the status quo in education: “It is not because we care about children. And it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.”

Once you hear their brazen bragging over their power, it becomes clear that there is no more moral political crusade than to strip these disgusting people (NEA, Teacher’s Unions, oily school superintendents, and the entire Government/Education Complex) of their political power.

As I’ve said many times, School Choice is possibly the most potent issue in stripping liberals of their absurd self-congratulation over “caring for the poor.” Any liberal who cares for the poor is compelled by logic to support school choice. If they don’t, they are either uninformed, hypocrites, or liars.

A catchy tune about “Death Panels”