“Waiting for Superman” Commentary

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I will once it gets to Chicago. For my part, I like the pace and information in “The Cartel,” but you can’t have too many movies about the awful nature of Teachers Unions.

One commentary, by noted education writer and expert, Rick Hess, was a pretty snarky send up of the movie.

My comment on that post is below.
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Another excellent debate on Education.

Rick Hess is one of the better known authors and analysts of the education reform movement. His blog can be found over at EdWeek.

In a recent set of posts , Rick was commenting on all the “Edu-Agitprop” movies coming out. (Just FYI, “agitprop” is a combination of “Agitation Propaganda.”) You can read both this post and this one to read a healthy debate on where the education system should be headed.