Some new respect for Sen. Meeks

I can proudly say that I take a back seat to no one in lambasting politicians that kowtow to teacher’s unions. I’ve raked Sen. Meeks over the coals a few times on this site.

I can now say that, whatever differences we may have, I applaud the fact that he is throwing the Teacher’s Unions under the bus. I will gladly help him if he wants to roll that bus back and forth over their carcass a few times.

Save Children, Crush Teacher’s Unions.

This is what happens when you buck the Teacher’s Unions

Locke High School’s progress

Nearly three months into the school year, the changes at Locke are obvious. Last year, when it was still run by the Los Angeles Unified School District, Locke was known for student brawls, rampant graffiti, ditched classes and a dropout rate so high that the senior class was routinely one-fourth the size of the freshman class.

This year, the halls are virtually empty during class. Teachers and aides say the campus is almost graffiti-free, and fights have diminished from one a day or so to less than one a month. Tardiness and ditching are down, now that both of those bring detention. Student attendance for September and October averaged 92%, close to that at suburban high schools.

Any Illinois legislator that votes against charter school expansion should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. They are voting for evil because they are stopping good things from happening - to their very own constituents!!!

Some one tell the Rev. Meeks his priorities are screwed up. He and the Urban League should be suing for charter schools, not more money for his greedy benefactors – the teacher’s unions. I’d like the fiery Rev. Meeks to debate me on converting every school to an independent charter. I’ll even come to his church on a Sunday, though I reserve the right to bring some chicken wire. By the time I’m done, he may be asking to borrow it. His constituents deserve to know the level of disservice he is doing them.

It’s time some one exposed these charlatans for the Carnival Hawkers they are.