With Teacher Unions in retreat, go for “Unconditional Surrender”

Then enforce dismantlement of their infrastructure.

I worry when a well-known conservative magazine writes an article praising the “courage” of an Teacher Union thug.

The Amazing Randi

In what could prove a turning point in favor of education reform, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten came out in favor of considering student performance on standardized tests as one part of teacher evaluations. If Weingarten turns her words into real actions, and if the teachers’ unions follow Weingarten’s lead, it will improve teacher quality across the country.

Please don’t buy this classic bait and switch. The Teacher Unions have been taking a bath in elections, where their usual litany of lies (“Chris Christie hates the children” or “We’ll have to abolish the curriculum if you don’t accede to our unsustainable spending on salaries”) aren’t working any more.

With their popularity dropping in light of obscene property taxes and pension piggery, they are pretending to “give” on some “reform” issues in the hopes that they can begin their campaign of lies as soon as the economy turns around again.

Don’t let them. There should be one goal, and one goal only in education reform. 100% fully funded scholarships for EVERY child, and a complete de-unionization of education. Let’s take a page from Rahm Emanuel’s playbook, and NOT LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE.

Use the current anger of the electorate to finally, aggressively, and relentlessly expose the teachers’ unions for the engines of greed and mediocrity that they truly are. Public Employee unionization has bankrupted entire states, and it is time unionization was pushed out of the public sector. Period.