Democratic Greed Destroying City and State Budget

I would like a Democrat, any Democrat, defend this obscene waste of money. OK, I readily admit that public pension pigs like Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar, and George Ryan luxuriated in this type of slime, but at least the Republican party is paying for their vile legacy.

Who pays for the Democrat’s legacy of Public Employee Greed? Teacher’s Union Greed? Utter waste that takes food and health care assistance from the poor and disadvantaged?

I challenge one of you lefties to defend this. Please.

Losing business, McPier added big salaries

Even as convention business has plummeted, the number of people on the payroll of the government agency that runs McCormick Place and Navy Pier who are paid more than $100,000 a year has grown.

A Chicago Sun-Times analysis of payroll records shows 54 employees of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority were making at least $100,000 as of September 2009. That’s eight more than the agency, familiarly known as McPier, had in 2006, the records show — a 17 percent increase.

OK, I get that you don’t want to answer that question. You can’t, because to do so, you expose yourself as a morally illegitimate purveyor of lies. Let me give you an easier question.

How can you defend the existence of a governmental entity like McPier? Is an agency like this even necessary. I know. You can’t answer that either.

Here is my answer. The State of Illinois should cut off Chicago’s take from the Illinois budget. Zero it out. All of it. Even Schools.

Let the King of Chicago sell off McPier to some Australian/Spanish conglomerate.

If Illinois citizens don’t turn all of these incumbent pikers out of office, they are no longer citizens, but sheep.

Why Teacher’s Unions are headed for a well-deserved fall…

…Greed, pure Greed

700 NYC teachers are paid to do nothing

NEW YORK – Hundreds of New York City public school teachers accused of offenses ranging from insubordination to sexual misconduct are being paid their full salaries to sit around all day playing Scrabble, surfing the Internet or just staring at the wall, if that’s what they want to do.

Because their union contract makes it extremely difficult to fire them, the teachers have been banished by the school system to its “rubber rooms” — off-campus office space where they wait months, even years, for their disciplinary hearings.

The 700 or so teachers can practice yoga, work on their novels, paint portraits of their colleagues — pretty much anything but school work. They have summer vacation just like their classroom colleagues and enjoy weekends and holidays through the school year.

“You just basically sit there for eight hours,” said Orlando Ramos, who spent seven months in a rubber room, officially known as a temporary reassignment center, in 2004-05. “I saw several near-fights. `This is my seat.’ `I’ve been sitting here for six months.’ That sort of thing.”

Ramos was an assistant principal in East Harlem when he was accused of lying at a hearing on whether to suspend a student. Ramos denied the allegation but quit before his case was resolved and took a job in California.

Because the teachers collect their full salaries of $70,000 or more, the city Department of Education estimates the practice costs the taxpayers $65 million a year. The department blames union rules.

Of course, that is probably the same “department” that approved these absurd and vile “union rules.” What is the level of economic decline is necessary for the somnambulist American voter to wake up and vote out the criminals that enact this travesty. Here is one place to start, elect and support candidates who have the courage to call this the “criminal activity” that it is.

The Vileness of Teacher’s Unions continues…

If you don’t like my language regarding Teachers’ Unions, you can stinking BILL ME!

Union Greed

I make no apologies. If there is a teacher reading this who thinks I hate them, they too can BILL ME! I don’t hate teachers, but I do admit to a seething disdain for their disgusting unions. Every teacher in America needs to ask themselves if they are professionals concerned with educating a nation’s children, or whether they are lazy, greedy union drones bent on making education more expensive and less effective.

The truth hurts, but so far, all of them have been too cowardly to debate the issue. (here or on the radio show I used to have)

So what brings on this rant? Read on.

Teach for (Some of) America

Here’s a quiz: Which of the following rejected more than 30,000 of the nation’s top college seniors this month and put hundreds more on a waitlist? a) Harvard Law School; b) Goldman Sachs; or c) Teach for America.

If you’ve spent time on university campuses lately, you probably know the answer. Teach for America — the privately funded program that sends college grads into America’s poorest school districts for two years — received 35,000 applications this year, up 42% from 2008. More than 11% of Ivy League seniors applied, including 35% of African-American seniors at Harvard. Teach for America has been gaining applicants since it was founded in 1990, but its popularity has exploded this year amid a tight job market.

So poor urban and rural school districts must be rejoicing, right? Hardly. Union and bureaucratic opposition is so strong that Teach for America is allotted a mere 3,800 teaching slots nationwide, or a little more than one in 10 of this year’s applicants. Districts place a cap on the number of Teach for America teachers they will accept, typically between 10% and 30% of new hires. In the Washington area, that number is about 25% to 30%, but in Chicago, former home of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, it is an embarrassing 10%.

Unions claim the recent grads lack the proper experience and commitment to a teaching career. But the Urban Institute has studied the program and found that “TFA status more than offsets any experience effects. Disadvantaged secondary students would be better off with TFA teachers, especially in math and science, than with fully licensed in-field teachers with three or more years of experience.”

If you support teacher’s unions, you support keeping poor Black and Mexican Children (not to mention poor white kids) uneducated. You have no shame. You disgust me. You are beneath contempt.

Arne Duncan’s empty rhetoric

As some one who has been saying “Fund Children, not Bureaucracies” since before 2005, it’s nice to see Arne Duncan lift some of my rhetoric.

Imitation truly IS the sincerest form of flattery.

Now if only he could make the rhetoric a reality by telling his new boss (Obama) how morally wrong he is to destroy the DC voucher plan, thus throwing 100s of disadvantaged kids back into the worst urban school system in the nation.

Unions don’t care about children, and they never did. They care about their nearly unlimited power and greed.

When Duncan says that, I may start to take him seriously. Given that he’s using my rhetoric, what ever the actual source he derived it from, I guess the day may come where they actually start believing it and acting on it…

…Assuming the Teacher’s Unions give them permission.

Arne to Illinois, “Shape Up”

So what does Duncan want?

He wants Illinois to lift its cap on charter schools. State law says there can be no more than 60 charter schools in the state, but there is demand for more than that. Why the cap? Because charter school teachers usually don’t have unions, and the teachers unions see that as a threat.

“Great charters make a huge difference in kids’ lives. What I loved about charters is they’re a school of choice,” Duncan said. “If kids stop showing up, we’ll take the school out. The money follows the kid.”

Duncan is absolutely right—the cap on charters just cheats children, and it has to be lifted.

Duncan wants Illinois and other states to chart the performance of children, and connect that performance to their teachers, and connect those teachers to the education schools that produced them. He’s saying: Let’s find out who’s turning out good teachers and which teachers are turning out educated kids.

More and more people are coming around…

Illinois doesn’t have the insane income tax of California, but our low income tax is all that separates Illinois from the oblivion of California, New York, or the other soon-to-be ungovernable “social democracies” eating away at America.

While I despise the insane packages of isolated corporate chieftains who drive their companies into bankruptcy as much as I despise the CEOs getting bailouts that mark the worst policy decisions in history, I must say that it is the greed and mendacity of public employees that are doing the most damage to the national fabric.

More and more people are starting to see that. It is time to start sounding the call, and to drastically cut budgets for public payroll. Tell them they can take low pay and secure pensions, or pay that equals the private sector, but only with defined contributions for their retirement.

They never deserved both, and their greed is killing us.

Death of the Dream
California has come back before, but ‘hysterical greens’ aren’t helping.

To many longtime California observers, the inability of the political, business and academic elites to adequately anticipate and address the state’s persistent problems has been a source of consternation and wonderment. In my view, the key to understanding California’s precipitous decline transcends terms like liberal or conservative, Democratic and Republican. The real culprit lies in the politics of narcissism.

Lest you think California is the only state suffering from narcissism, note that Obama, Blagojevich and Burris are all narcissists of one stripe or another, and you all elected them.

California, like any gorgeously endowed person, has a natural inclination toward self-absorption. It has always been a place of unsurpassed splendor; it has inspired and attracted writers, artists, dreamers, savants and philosophers. That’s especially true of the Bay Area—ground zero for California narcissism and arguably the most attractive urban expanse on the continent; Neil Morgan in 1960 described San Francisco as “the narcissus of the West,” a place whose fundamental asset was first its own beauty, followed by its own culture of self-regard.

Today the politics of narcissism is most evident among “progressives.” Although the Republicans can still block massive tax increases, the predominant force in California politics lies with two groups—the gentry liberals and the public sector. The public-sector unions, once relatively poorly paid, now enjoy wages and benefits unavailable to most middle-class Californians, and do so with little regard to the fiscal and overall economic impact. Currently barely 3 percent of the state budget goes to building roads or water systems, compared with nearly 20 percent in the Pat Brown era; instead we’re funding gilt-edged pensions and lifetime guaranteed health care. It’s often a case of I’m all right, Jack—and the hell with everyone else.

I’ve been way ahead of the curve on this, but as I’ve stated 1000 times, you can’t fund a child’s education when you are funding bloated teacher and administrative payroll, pork, pensions and perks. It is time for some one (anyone) to start the ball rolling, and call these groups out as the greedy and narcissistic parasites that they are.

As the air deflates from the Obama balloon, we will have an excellent opportunity for some one to direct the national mood toward the real culprits responsible for our financial decline.

The “Idiot Curriculum” fails another test

As you read the story linked below, please remember that the curriculum described there is in use (in some form or another) all over the United States. Your teacher (indoctrinated in and Ed School that actively ignores the science of learning) probably calls it “themed learning,” “integrated learning,” or some combination of those words.

It is a failure.

‘Tartan’ curriculum is a disaster as top school slumps to bottom of league table

A £20m school which axed traditional subjects in favour of a ‘tartan’ curriculum of lessons blended together has slumped to the bottom of a GCSE league table.

Bishops Park College in Clacton, Essex, emerged as the worst school in the country for raising pupils’ attainment five years after introducing an experimental curriculum which merged key subjects such as English, maths, science, history and geography into themed lessons that took up 70 per cent of the week.

“Slumped to the bottom,” as in the USA has “slumped to the bottom” in many subjects, and pays more for less and less “education.”

The 563-pupil school, housed in state-of-the-art buildings and trumpeted by Government curriculum advisers as a model for others to follow, recorded the lowest ‘valueadded-score of more than 3,100 state secondaries – the measure of how well a school helps its pupils make progress.

If teachers, who like to think of themselves as “professionals” despite the fact that they have sold their profession to a “Union drone” mindset decades ago, where held to “Professional Standards” for their work, most of them would be sued for malpractice.

For the 1000th time, this nation cannot afford your slavish devotion to these ineffective and corrupt public schools. Where they educate, they do so for far too much money. Where they fail, (and they fail much more than most of you are willing to admit) they so badly damage our society and the individuals they miseducate, that your support borders on enabling evil.