Environmentalism as Religion

Environmentalism is nothing more than a religion. To be sure, it does attempt to fit itself into other religious ideals, as there is nothing wrong with being good steward of our environment. On the surface, therefore, Environmentalism does not appear as dogmatic or exclusive as Christianity or Islam. However, as you look at the behavior of its proponents, it becomes clear that it operates as a religion.

“The debate is over” = “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me”
“Global warming deniers are the same as Holocaust deniers” = “anyone who questions us is an apostate”
etc etc etc

The entire edifice of the ‘Man made global warming” concept is collapsing. Unlike Christianity or Islam, a religion based upon “humanism” is destined to fail, just like another humanist religion – “Socialism.”

Climate Chains from Climate Chains on Vimeo.

Frame environmentalists as religious zealots. Many will back track quickly. Then you can start to talk about important ways we can clean up the environment without resorting to religious dogma.