Vote Fraud

That what nearly all absentee, provisional, and vote by mail schemes are. Vote Fraud plain and simple.

We need a simple rule. If your ballot isn’t counted 24hours after election day (Wed. at 11:59:59), it doesn’t get counted. Period.

Every expansion of voting is an invitation to game the system, and any marginally creative person can figure out 10-20 ways to do it.

If you want free and equal elections in America, you have to curtail absentee voting, and abolish ALL provisional voting. If you didn’t get your act together enough to be properly registered, better luck next time.

Kirk Dillard, Teachers Unions, and your Property Taxes

With the IEA endorsing Kirk Dillard, it is now clear that your property taxes will skyrocket if you are stupid enough to vote for him. You see, Dillard was just endorsed by the IEA, and the IEA is nothing short of a vampire firmly clamped on the neck of the taxpayer.

Personally, Dillard may have crowing rights if he argues that “he has support from across the political spectrum.” After all, he is endorsed by Jack Roeser, AND the teachers unions??!! Wow!! How does one pull off a stunt like that. It would be interesting if it wasn’t obvious that Kirk Dillard is lying to either conservatives, or to the teacher’s unions. What is your guess?

If you are smart, you’ll be betting that Dillard is lying to conservatives, and sucking up to corrupt teachers unions. That’s what liberal Republicans who want to be Mike Madigan’s tax collector do. If you are a conservative, and stupid enough to back Kirk Dillard, the joke is on you.

Kirk Dillard finds unlikely ally in bid to capture Republican governor primary

If you are conservative, dislike property taxes and the greedy unions who want to hike them, then you should vote for Adam Andrzejewski. He’s the only candidate in the race campaigning on a property tax freeze, and he’s the only one willing to call for an end to teacher’s right to strike.