Obama’s bad timing on Global Warming

Obama vows action on global warming

After huddling with former Vice President Al Gore about climate change, President-elect Barack Obama declared, “The time for delay is over, the time for denial is over.”

While it is a problem, it is also an opportunity to create jobs, make economy stronger, and make the nation safer, even as the United States helps save the planet, he said.

The collapsing case for “man made global warming” ought to make Saint Obama think twice about using the word “denial.”

I take comfort in Providence. On the same day Obama met with the cartoonish and insipid Al Gore, Houston and New Orleans say snow flurries with some light accumulation. By the time the sun’s cycle of solar flares returns and takes us out of our potential ice age, the scientific community will be taking grants to artificially HEAT the globe.

Rare Snow Blankets South Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS — People across south Louisiana called their friends, grabbed their cameras and headed outside this morning to document a rare and wonderful sight: snow.

The last snowfall in the New Orleans area was on Christmas Day in 2004. Before that, 1989 was the last significant snowfall. The sight is so rare that many children were seeing snow for the first time, and adults were seeing it for the first time in years.

About 8 inches of snow fell in Amite, where a building’s roof also collapsed from the snow’s weight.