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If you listen to the entire podcast, you come to a point where both John McCarron and Mike Condrun (the other guests) challenge me by saying “Single Payer isn’t even on the table.”

Who are they kidding?

Extreme Wisdom on Beyond the Beltway tonight!!

Hey all,

Yours Truly will be on Bruce Dumont’s excellent “Beyond the Beltway” program tonight from 6 – 8 PM Central Time.

The topics will be national, with a likely extensive focus on Health Care.

Tune in. You can get WLS streaming live everywhere right here.

Feudalism and Illinois’ Political System – Re-posting of an older post

I originally posted this last July of 2008, and I re-posted it back in January to promote a Home Rule Ballot question, but I’m re-posting it just for fun. The a Podcast that gives you an audio version of this post is a bit dated, but when you think about it, the timing is always right because Illinois is still a wonderful example of a Feudal State masquerading as a “constitutional republic.”

Here is the Podcast.

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Critique of Obama’s weekly address

All stimulus all the time. Ohhh! Barack!! Stimulate Me!!

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February 14th Weekly Radio Address Critique

I didn’t have a lot of time to produce a podcast this time out, but I did want to do a brief critique of the recent Stimulus Bill and Barack Obama’s support of it

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Dueling Weekly Radio Addresses

Here is my Weekly critique of the President’s Weekly radio address. This week I critique both Barack Obama’s and Michael Steele’s radio address.

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Charles Murray – Ending the Welfare State

This Podcast contains a monologue of my views on Charles Murray’s 2006 idea to replace the Welfare State with something that actually might work

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The excellent article (from March 2006), which provides details, is here. Combine a reasonable plan to shift from our current tax system to the “Fair Tax,” and add Murray’s ideas to the mix, and you have a good foundation for a “limited government” platform.

Too bad America doesn’t have a “Limited Government” party.