“Retard Illinois”

Jim Edgar and Dennis Hastert have found a new Sugar Daddy, as the cash-rich Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Joyce Foundation throw money at yet another completely useless pile of crap.

Bipartisan effort presses for school reform

A new effort to improve Illinois’ public school system has attracted some of the state’s most prominent political figures: former Gov. Jim Edgar, former Commerce Secretary William Daley and former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

All three men are part of Advance Illinois, which bills itself as a “statewide and independent nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that our state’s public schools prepare every child to compete in the global economy.”

The absurd name, ‘Advance Illinois,’ can’t hide the fact that none of these people have the slightest interest in actually advancing Illinois. Retarding the progress of Illinois is the more likely outcome from this crew.

What do two washed-up Republicans (one who left his seat to turn lobbyist, and another who shills for the status quo by cutting anti-con con ads) and one clout-heavy Democrat have to offer? Nothing! And they even admit as much!

‘The report offers no specific solutions.’

If Bill and Melinda Gates really wanted to improve education, they would stop funding the same old corrupt and dysfunctional bureaucracy (and their shills), and just start building schools that don’t have to answer to these awful interest groups that are making a mockery of our education.

Real ‘education reform’…

(NOT fake ‘funding’ or ‘school’ reform)

can be enacted by simply following where the next four words lead you.

‘Fund Children, not bureaucracies’

When every dime of education money follows the child, education in Illinois (and America) will work just fine.