Hence the title of this blog…

Though great credit goes to policy wonks like Steven Malanga and others, the fact is that there are very few people who saw the financial conflagration wrought by greedy unions sooner than folks like John Bambenek and I.

While a few senators in the Illinois Legislature saw the pension time bomb coming, they still felt it necessary to vote “yes” on patently awful policies like the Early Retirement Option while looking the other way on atrocities like “end-of-career bonuses.” We deserved more from them.

I fully realize that the mood was different 5-10 years ago, when every bozo making over $50,000 was stupid enough to think his net worth and property values were going to keep up with public union greed. We tried to warn them. We were just a few years and a few quarters of economic retraction ahead of our time.

We were told that “the unions are just too powerful,” and that there was no “constituency for spending cuts. Would that a few stood their ground and told the taxpayers the truth.

Pols turn on labor unions

Unlike past battles over the high cost of labor, this time pitched battles over wages and pensions are being waged from Sacramento to Springfield to New York City and the conflict is marked by its bipartisan tone, with public employee unions emerging as an intransigent public enemy number one in cities and state capitals across the country.

They’re the whipping boys for a new generation of governors who, thanks to a tanking economy and an assist from editorial boards, feel freer than ever to make political targets out of what was once a protected liberal class of teachers, cops, and other public servants.

Republicans around the nation have cheered New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose shouting match over budget cuts with an outraged teacher—“You don’t have to” teach, he told her without sympathy—became a YouTube sensation on the right last week.

Here is my message to our gubernatorial candidates and our legislators. Tell the firemen and policemen “No.” Tell the greedy administrators “No.” Tell the greedy teacher unions “Hell NO!” Tell them they have had a 25 year ride on the gravy train, and it’s time to give the taxpayers a 10 year breather.

I have no idea how successful I will be in promoting this message, but I am working for an election cycle where anyone who takes public union money and does their financially and morally corrosive bidding is washed away in an election cycle they won’t believe is coming – even as they see it.

2010 is going to be big. 2012, waged in the midst of a potentially deep double-dip recession, is going to be gargantuan. It is time to drive public unionization out of the public sector. Learn your facts, practice your lines, get your signatures, and drive their supporter from office.