Pope Gore and the religion of nutjobs

Like all Human-Based (Humanist) Religions, this one too will fail miserably when confronted with robust, monotheistic religions that have actually made this world more livable. They always look like their winning up until the moment they lose.

The sad thing about the article is that it actually seems to appreciate the “religiosity” of environmentalism, even as it recognizes the dangers. Every human being should be interested in keeping the earth clean and healthy. No one should be stupid enough to believe Pope Gore and his merry band of Malthusian regulators have any interest in that goal. They want control – for the sole purpose of political power, along with a way to enrich their greedy friends.

Environmentalism is now a religion, and being overtaken by extremism

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which will be celebrated this year, according to the Earth Day Network, by more than a billion people in 190 countries. When Earth Day started in 1970 few people would have expected it to become a globally observed religious holiday with its own Ten Commandments, including “use less water,” “save electricity,” “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and “spread the word.” The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants people everywhere to “commit to action” in defense of the Earth.

America’s leading environmental historian, William Cronon of the University of Wisconsin, calls environmentalism a new religion because it offers “a complex series of moral imperatives for ethical action, and judges human conduct accordingly.”

When environmental religion seeks a return to an earlier primitive and natural existence, it is embracing utopian dreams that easily can pose a danger to man and earth alike.