Just say it! “Teachers Unions are morally illegitimate”

It’s nice to know that the rhetoric I’ve been using on this website for about 6 years now, which some called “extreme,” has gone mainstream.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page editors are dipping their toes in the water of truth. They ought to dive in head first, and start rescuing children.

Hating ‘Superman’

The new film “Waiting for ‘Superman'” is getting good reviews for its portrayal of children seeking alternatives to dreadful public schools, and to judge by the film’s opponents it is having an impact.

Witness the scene on a recent Friday night in front of a Loews multiplex in New York City, where some 50 protestors blasted the film as propaganda for charter schools. “Klein, Rhee and Duncan better switch us jobs, so we can put an end to those hedge fund hogs,” went one of their anti-charter cheers, referring to school reform chancellors Joel Klein and Michelle Rhee and Education Secretary Arne Duncan. The odd complaint is that donors to charter schools include some hedge fund managers.

Or maybe not so odd. Teachers unions and the public school monopoly have long benefitted from wielding a moral trump card. They claimed to care for children, and caring was defined solely by how much taxpayers spent on schools.

That moral claim is being turned on its head as more Americans come to understand that teachers unions and the public bureaucracy are the main obstacles to reform. Movies such as “Waiting for ‘Superman'” and “The Lottery” are exposing this to the larger American public, leaving the monopolists to the hapless recourse of suggesting that reformers are merely the tools of hedge fund philanthropists.

Teacher’s unions are on the moral defensive because people have finally started to question their moral legitimacy. (welcome to the club) Teachers Unions have none, and, as a concept, they have no right to exist.

Every dime a teachers union extracts from a tax payer for pay, benefits, pensions, etc., is a dime that can’t be used to better educate a child. It’s so obvious that it’s been staring us in the face for decades.

Just as Reagan hastened the fall of the USSR by challenging their moral legitimacy (evil empire, ash heap of history), we must openly start telling our neighbors that teachers unions have no right to one iota of say in education. Their interests, and the interests of society are diametrically opposed.

You don’t negotiate with such an entity, you abolish it. It’s that simple. Get to work.

There aren’t enough FBI agents to clean up corruption in education

Go this link, and look at the kind of shenanigans the FBI will look into under corruption in education. Read their laundry list. Stuff like that is probably going on in most Illinois school districts.

Public education in Illinois is a legalized money laundering scheme.

It’s nice to know the FBI cares. Remember to do all you can to rat out your local board member or oily superintendent, because all their obscene spending is ratting out your kids.

And Christie’s hits keep coming…

“Devoid of a publicly supportable agenda.”

Gov. Christie Slams Education Org: “Devoid Of A Publicly Supportable Agenda”

Those, ladies and gentlemen, are the words of an elected politician talking about teacher’s unions. Perhaps it is time for the rest of the political class to stop taking money from these corrupt organizations, and start driving them out of our schools.

The sick minds at the MEA and MESSA

Very few organizations do as good a job exposing Union Greed as the folks at Education Action Group and MEA Exposed.

I make no apologies for my harsh rhetoric against Teacher Union Greed. These greedy liars deserve every ounce of ridicule and derision, as they stand at the door and keep poor children out of good schools so that they, and their oily administrative enablers, can suck down untold and undeserved pension and perks.

Here is simply one more example of their avarice.

MESSA under fire in Fox 17 report

Crush the Unions, people. The degree to which they force their greed down the throat of the taxpayer should disgust you. You should revolt. That crap at the end of the segment about how “stressful” it is to be a teacher made me retch.

These are the people that drove Michigan’s economy into a ditch. Make them pay for their whole premium and see how fast they clamor for HSAs.

Kirk Dillard, Teachers Unions, and your Property Taxes

With the IEA endorsing Kirk Dillard, it is now clear that your property taxes will skyrocket if you are stupid enough to vote for him. You see, Dillard was just endorsed by the IEA, and the IEA is nothing short of a vampire firmly clamped on the neck of the taxpayer.

Personally, Dillard may have crowing rights if he argues that “he has support from across the political spectrum.” After all, he is endorsed by Jack Roeser, AND the teachers unions??!! Wow!! How does one pull off a stunt like that. It would be interesting if it wasn’t obvious that Kirk Dillard is lying to either conservatives, or to the teacher’s unions. What is your guess?

If you are smart, you’ll be betting that Dillard is lying to conservatives, and sucking up to corrupt teachers unions. That’s what liberal Republicans who want to be Mike Madigan’s tax collector do. If you are a conservative, and stupid enough to back Kirk Dillard, the joke is on you.

Kirk Dillard finds unlikely ally in bid to capture Republican governor primary

If you are conservative, dislike property taxes and the greedy unions who want to hike them, then you should vote for Adam Andrzejewski. He’s the only candidate in the race campaigning on a property tax freeze, and he’s the only one willing to call for an end to teacher’s right to strike.

More proof that teacher’s don’t care about Children…

If one is to follow with the metaphor below, the real “fox in the henhouse” is the Teacher’s Union (Fox) inside our public schools (henhouse). These greedy foxes have eaten richly off of our tax dollars, created an overpriced and under-performing education system, and bankrupted a couple of states in the process.

Charter Schools: Education’s Fox in the Henhouse?

Successful urban charter schools are showing that high demand, high support education works for all students—not just Jewish and Asian and upper-class kids, but all kids who commit to academic success. Some of these schools’ achievement gains are very impressive.

So why am I, a retired public school teacher of 34 years, cautious and suspicious?

Perhaps there’s a hidden agenda, one that may be revealed by the following questions:

I can’t speak for all of the proponents of charter schools, but I have no hidden agenda. I hope to see the death of teacher’s unions in my lifetime. If one’s goal is to educate the populace effectively with public money, there is no intellectually sound reason to allow teacher’s unions to exist.

How do we get the best education for the least amount of money? There is no room for the greed and laziness of the public employee union mentality in any possible answer to that question.

No hidden agenda here, Mr. Saxon. GET YOUR UNIONS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS!!!

Here is how to do it.
If you are against the creation of more charters and other educational options for children, you are arguing from a position of moral illegitimacy.

Some new respect for Sen. Meeks

I can proudly say that I take a back seat to no one in lambasting politicians that kowtow to teacher’s unions. I’ve raked Sen. Meeks over the coals a few times on this site.

I can now say that, whatever differences we may have, I applaud the fact that he is throwing the Teacher’s Unions under the bus. I will gladly help him if he wants to roll that bus back and forth over their carcass a few times.

Save Children, Crush Teacher’s Unions.

Obama’s most disgusting act

Frankly, “disgusting” is too tepid a word. I think “evil” might be a tad too far, but if so, only by a little. That said, for those of us who knew from the beginning that Obama was nothing more than a well-spoken political hack for the extreme left, this single act proved us all correct.

Voices for Choice

Kevin Chavous is an African American and former Democratic city council member from Washington, D.C. He says he’s an Obama supporter, but he is distinctly unhappy with the president. Elections may have consequences, but no one expected that the White House would be so brazenly petty as to allow poor minority children in the nation’s worst school district to become the victims of political score-settling.

That’s exactly what happened when the Obama administration killed off the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program several months ago. Of course, if the White House thought that it could pay off the powerful teachers’ unions, and that the 750 kids in the program would be powerless to fight back, they made a serious miscalculation. Though Afghanistan, the economy, health care, and many other issues have been sucking up all the national-media oxygen, the school-choice efforts on the ground and in D.C. and in the halls of the Congress have been incessant and unyielding since the program was abruptly terminated.

The facts and events presented make an almost inarguable case for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program: The $7,500 vouchers cost about half of what it does to educate a student in D.C.’s dismal public schools; 36 percent of adults in D.C. are functionally illiterate; D.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in the country; the vast majority of D.C. residents are in favor of the program; a study earlier this year showed the program to be a success, but the Department of Education tried to squelch it. A prominent National Education Association teachers’-union leader explains why the powerful Democratic constituency protects the status quo in education: “It is not because we care about children. And it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.”

Once you hear their brazen bragging over their power, it becomes clear that there is no more moral political crusade than to strip these disgusting people (NEA, Teacher’s Unions, oily school superintendents, and the entire Government/Education Complex) of their political power.

As I’ve said many times, School Choice is possibly the most potent issue in stripping liberals of their absurd self-congratulation over “caring for the poor.” Any liberal who cares for the poor is compelled by logic to support school choice. If they don’t, they are either uninformed, hypocrites, or liars.

Beat them, bludgeon them, and kick them when they are down

It’s always good to see teacher’s unions beaten down.

More! Faster!

Today’s Education System is “morally illegitimate”

Here is yet another piece of evidence that the rapid expansion of charters is in the best interests of the America’s children.

The Harlem Miracle

That’s why I was startled when I received an e-mail message from Roland Fryer, a meticulous Harvard economist. It included this sentence: “The attached study has changed my life as a scientist.”

Fryer and his colleague Will Dobbie have just finished a rigorous assessment of the charter schools operated by the Harlem Children’s Zone. They compared students in these schools to students in New York City as a whole and to comparable students who entered the lottery to get into the Harlem Children’s Zone schools,but weren’t selected.

They found that the Harlem Children’s Zone schools produced “enormous” gains. The typical student entered the charter middle school, Promise Academy, in sixth grade and scored in the 39th percentile among New York City students in math. By the eighth grade, the typical student in the school was in the 74th percentile. The typical student entered the school scoring in the 39th percentile in English Language Arts (verbal ability). By eighth grade, the typical student was in the 53rd percentile.

Forgive some academic jargon, but the most common education reform ideas — reducing class size, raising teacher pay, enrolling kids in Head Start — produce gains of about 0.1 or 0.2 or 0.3 standard deviations. If you study policy, those are the sorts of improvements you live with every day. Promise Academy produced gains of 1.3 and 1.4 standard deviations. That’s off the charts. In math, Promise Academy eliminated the achievement gap between its black students and the city average for white students.

Let me repeat that. It eliminated the black-white achievement gap. “The results changed my life as a researcher because I am no longer interested in marginal changes,” Fryer wrote in a subsequent e-mail. What Geoffrey Canada, Harlem Children’s Zone’s founder and president, has done is “the equivalent of curing cancer for these kids. It’s amazing. It should be celebrated. But it almost doesn’t matter if we stop there. We don’t have a way to replicate his cure, and we need one since so many of our kids are dying — literally and figuratively.”

Every legislator who votes for a charter cap is morally illegitimate. They are corrupt, and they are voting for corrupt interests when they cap charters. These people lack moral legitimacy, and they need to be told this to their face.

When you read the study referenced above, you start to realize that busting the cap on charters is a moral imperative on the order of the civil rights movement. Let me take that one step further, to stand in the way of more charters is immoral, and it is time to start to calling into question the moral legitimacy of any politician standing in the way of rapid charterization.

That goes double and triple for the organizations whose interests they are defending. The politicians, unions, and entities that are lobbying and voting for capping charters are the moral equivalent of Birmingham police sicking dogs and using water cannons on civil rights marchers, and it is time some one told them so.