The Grotesque Chicago-ization of the United States Government

Most of you have heard that Arne Duncan, formerly Chicago’s school Czar and now America’s school Czar, tours the country talking about reform while his hypocrite boss shuts down the DC voucher program.

Like the late night TV ads, I can only say “but wait, there’s more!!”

Heritage put out a very good piece detailing yet another example of “The Chicago Way” at Duncan’s former home.


Morning Bell: Choice for the Powerful, But Not for the People

But now we find out that when Secretary Duncan was CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, he took a decidedly different approach to the wishes of Chicago’s politically powerful families. The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that while he was Chicago schools chief, Secretary Duncan maintained a log of politicians and influential business people who sought better placement for their children in Chicago’s public schools. From the Tribune:

It includes 25 aldermen, Mayor Richard Daley’s office, House Speaker Michael Madigan, his daughter Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers and former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun.

The skank-like lack of morality of these people knows no bounds. They should disgust you. They sit and talk about the poor as they shower their campaign contributors with rich benefits and contracts, all while retaining the best jobs, slots, and political gems for themselves.

They deserve nothing but contempt and outrage. They are bad people.

Arne Duncan’s empty rhetoric

As some one who has been saying “Fund Children, not Bureaucracies” since before 2005, it’s nice to see Arne Duncan lift some of my rhetoric.

Imitation truly IS the sincerest form of flattery.

Now if only he could make the rhetoric a reality by telling his new boss (Obama) how morally wrong he is to destroy the DC voucher plan, thus throwing 100s of disadvantaged kids back into the worst urban school system in the nation.

Unions don’t care about children, and they never did. They care about their nearly unlimited power and greed.

When Duncan says that, I may start to take him seriously. Given that he’s using my rhetoric, what ever the actual source he derived it from, I guess the day may come where they actually start believing it and acting on it…

…Assuming the Teacher’s Unions give them permission.

Arne to Illinois, “Shape Up”

So what does Duncan want?

He wants Illinois to lift its cap on charter schools. State law says there can be no more than 60 charter schools in the state, but there is demand for more than that. Why the cap? Because charter school teachers usually don’t have unions, and the teachers unions see that as a threat.

“Great charters make a huge difference in kids’ lives. What I loved about charters is they’re a school of choice,” Duncan said. “If kids stop showing up, we’ll take the school out. The money follows the kid.”

Duncan is absolutely right—the cap on charters just cheats children, and it has to be lifted.

Duncan wants Illinois and other states to chart the performance of children, and connect that performance to their teachers, and connect those teachers to the education schools that produced them. He’s saying: Let’s find out who’s turning out good teachers and which teachers are turning out educated kids.