Tea Party to Declaration to Constitution

Adam Andrzejewski gets a mention…

What I Saw at the Tea Party Convention

Mr. Phillip isn’t the only black tea-party candidate in the deep south—Angela McGlowan, who spoke in Nashville, has entered the Republican primary in Mississippi’s first district—and primary challenges aren’t the only way activists are exerting influence. Cincinnati tea-party activists are running candidates for Republican precinct executive in every precinct in their area—if elected, these candidates will help set policy platforms within the GOP and have sway over which candidates the party endorses. Activists in other states are doing the same. Adam Andrzejewski, who ran in the Republican primary for governor in Illinois, told me he will run candidates in each of Illinois’ precincts, and Utah activists are turning that state’s convention-based nominating system into a trial for incumbent Republican Sen. Robert Bennett. Plus, tea-party activists used their convention to launch a political action committee.

Nice mention of Adam Andrzejewski. People should go to his site to see the model of a credible outsider candidacy. You need to be a policy heavy weight, with detailed, workable ideas, all based upon principles, not sound bites. Any so-called conservative run on brain-candy for blog commentators. That might get you 5-7%, but it can’t and won’t win a general election.

If the tea-party is to become a force, it’s leaders need to either a) get in party positions (precinct/local offices) or b) begin the process of starting a new party. For now, Republicans should be the natural home for these folks, but if the current crop of Republican patronage pigs retains the power to reject the new blood, then the energy behind the tea party should start something new. It doesn’t need a majority for clout. It merely needs party status. With Party Status (and every state differs in establishing said status) the Tea Party can become the tail that wags the Republican Dog.

Both options require detailed knowledge of Policy and Party Politics. It may have been started with a tea party, but it needs to be finished with a Declaration of Independence from the past, and a re-commitment to the principles outlined in the Constitution. That won’t be accomplished with an angry mob stomping their feet in a “two minutes hate” against Mark Kirk Republicans. Only a committed group of knowledgeable, presentable, principled ideologues will suffice.

UPDATED – Thoughts on the Illinois Election

1) 14.5 + 7.7 = 22.2%

2) It is indeed sweet that Hastert did not win the primary. Nothing personal against Ethan, but I would like nothing better than to have Hastertism purged from the GOP.

3) Bob Dold beating Coulsen is one less Scozzafava candidate killing the GOP.

4) Tom Morrison beating Bassi is an important indicator of where things can go from here.

5) I’m surprised that anyone was surprised about Bill Brady. 3 relatively weak front runners trashing each other for 3 weeks, while you are sitting on name req. and a regional base?? If you understand politics, you never counted Brady out.

6) Perhaps the most delicious outcome was that millions of dollars of money from some of the worst culprits in Illinois financial meltdown (donors to Dillard and McKenna) were wasted to almost no effect.

7) Dillard is a neutered candidate who alienates the entire “downstate” area if he challenges Brady’s 500 vote margin. If he wins the election, he will win it the way Al Franken won MN and Gregoir won Washington – by tweaking the vote count just enough to win. Therefore…

8 ) Brady has a chance to win the Governor’s race, Dillard has none. Dillard should do what is decent for the party, and concede. He won’t, though. He’ll fracture the party. It’s what Scorpions do.

A Sample Ballot for Today

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck on Adam Andrzejewski, Illinois race

“The next Scott Brown….”

Rush touts Illinois race.

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Beck References Walesa Endorsement

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Don’t vote for the Communists, Vote for Adam

No, I’m not calling the other candidates Communists, but you have to admit that Lech Walesa’s framing is quite funny.

Lech Walesa Endorses Andrzejewski

The former Polish president is well aware of the stain of corruption in Illinois politics. He joked, tongue-in-cheek, that he won’t need to visit his chosen candidate in prison.

“He doesn’t depend on anyone and this is his greatness,” said Walesa.

“We’re gonna defend the taxpayers of Illinois. We’re gonna bring good governance to Springfield. This is a new era of governance that we can work on together,” said Andrzejewski.

But Andrzejewski has his work cut out for him.

It’s a tough six-way race containing more familiar names in Illinois politics for the Republican nomination.

Andrzejewski doesn’t seem to mind the underdog status and neither does Lech Walesa.

“Nobody gave us a chance to win over the communists. Nobody. And we proved them wrong,” said Walesa.

Adam Andrzejewski on WGN


UPDATED Dems play the”Bush Fright Wig” card…and lose

I posted this just before the Scott Brown election. It’s a post about how ineffective the “It’s all Bush’s fault” ads have become. Now there is more evidence.

Will Democrats Feel Voters’ Pain?
The Party Won’t Win Back Independents This Year Simply By Attacking Opponents

In the end, attacks only work if they are believable. This is especially true when voters are angry about “real things” like the economy, the deficit and health care. As such, for Democrats to go after Chris Christie’s spotty driving record in New Jersey, or Bob McDonnell’s graduate thesis in Virginia, or Brown’s record on emergency contraception for rape victims not only seemed out of context, but also woefully out of touch with the issues that were really driving the vote.

In a blog post last night, Brown’s pollster, Neil Newhouse, wrote that “one of the lessons Democrats are taking away from this race is that they need to go negative against Republican challengers earlier in the campaign. Be advised that this race turned and turned fast, following the debate on January 11th when the Coakley campaign launched their negative advertising. Within days her image was almost inverted and her ‘information flow’ was a net negative. Being perceived as the negative campaigner moved key groups against Martha that she could never win back. ”

This helps explains how independent voters, who supported Barack Obama in all three states in 2008, broke so sharply against the Democratic candidate in 2009-2010. Christie carried 60 percent and McDonnell 66 percent. There were no exit polls in Massachusetts, but public and private polls showed Brown winning independent voters by similar margins.

Like that willl work…

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Andrzejewski has local spenders running scared

Boy, you offer up specifics (instead of platitudes) regarding real spending cuts, and the spending interests’ noise machine cranks up big time.

Local officials fear Andrzejewski tax plan

Hinsdale businessman Adam Andrzejewski said if elected governor he would reduce or eliminate “revenue sharing to local municipalities,” which could include the state withholding local government’s portion of the state’s income tax. The state currently shares one-tenth of income tax revenue with local governments, which totaled nearly $1.2 billion in fiscal year 2009.

“If you look at it and peel back the layers on it, that would be the single largest property tax increase in the state’s history. You’re going to push the state’s problems on municipalities and local taxpayers,” said Mark Fowler, executive director Northwest Municipal Conference, which represents area governments. “This isn’t money that creates a slush fund for municipalities.”

Leaving aside the fact that “slush fund” is a good word for Illinois’ state and local finances, Mr. Fowler’s words expose the mindset of those in the “Government/Association complex.” Here, Mr. Fowler, like many with a pro-government mindset, shows that he can’t even conceive of spending cuts. Like the pundits in Springfield, he probably wants all of us to think that “there is no place left to cut.” He merely assumes a property tax increase is the answer.

Mr. Fowler either ignores, or doesn’t know, that Adam Andrzejewski is running on hard property tax caps as well.

Here is the truth, everyone. You have 6 insider candidates offering platitudes, while one outsider is proposing meaningful spending cuts. Ending municipal revenue sharing isn’t an easy thing to propose, but Adam put it on the table as a way to prevent tax increases that would send more businesses out of Illinois.

In this specific case, Andrzejewski is trying to balance the budget, and municipalities, many of which have ramped up spending and taxes over the last 10-20 years, are crying foul at the prospect of having to tighten belts. These are tough times, but the government’s spending culture simply assumes that the taxpayers should foot every bill. That isn’t right, and it isn’t sustainable.

State and Local Governments have had a 15-25 year run up on spending increases. The gravy train is over. It is time for spending cuts.

Ten Reasons to get on the phone and help Steve Brown

I was talking to a friend this evening, and if Brown pulls this off, there are 2 very important messages sent by the voters.

First, there is no safe Senate Seat (Democrat or Republican) in the nation. Second, you don’t have to be a “moderate (spending dishrag – teachers union – socially liberal Republican” to win. The window for this political landscape is pretty narrow, but it is a window nonetheless.

Ten reasons why the Massachusetts Senate race is very, very important

Read the 10 points in the link, get giddy, and get active.

Oh and one more thing…

Imagine a Dillard, Ryan, or McKenna winning in this type of electoral climate. It should be obvious to any and all who follow politics that any of those three are entirely un-electable.

Adam Andrzejewski on NBC

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.