Proof that Topinka isn’t fit to Govern

Well well well…

Part one of Topinka’s long-touted “edumacation plan” is now revealed, and it’s the same old crap we get from the political class.

This is just more evidence that there is no differnce between the Democrat and Republican in Illinois, as both are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Ed-Mart (always the high price – always).

More money for teacher’s pensions? When did a pension for a proteced apparatchik educate a child?

More money for “school construction?” All the fancy buildings in the world won’t correct for mediocre staff and an oatmeal-mush curriculum.

For all of his absurd spending, at least Blago has a scheme to pay for it (selling the Lottery).

Illinois is beyond reach by either party or gubernatorial candidate. Under these circumstances, we are all better off having Blagojevich and his party take the blame for the coming finacial conflagration and ficticious “tax swap” schemes.