Obama’s “Rule by Elites” enforced by “Union Thugs” is failing

Those of us who actually understand a few things about politics could see the writing on the wall when Obama left rural Pennsylvania to travel to a San Francisco fundraiser and say that all of us regular folk cling to our gun and God because, dog gonnit, we are just too stupid to cling to pointy headed “intallectshuls” like Barack and his fund him.

That was the predictor of his entire presidency, and I, for one, am enjoying its implosion. I hope it continues.

Obama’s Middle-Class Meltdown

By cozying up to Wall Street and pushing climate change, the president is playing to the coasts—and losing middle America. Joel Kotkin on the Dems’ disconnect—and the GOP’s problems exploiting it.

The rapid decline in public support for Democrats and President Obama represents one of the most breathtaking political collapses in modern times. Little over a year from a huge electoral triumph, President Obama’s level of support has dropped from around 65% to under 50%. The Democrats in Congress, who held as much as a 10% edge over the Republicans last spring, actually are losing a “generic” vote.

As President, Barack Obama’s Great Disconnect seems most obvious. Although he occasionally uses populist middle-class rhetoric, both Obama’s priorities and body language suggest his inspiration comes largely from the rarified world of the universities and Democratic Party contributors.

Not surprising then that he started with a stimulus package that, although one was needed, offered little to private sector Main Street businesses. Instead, the primary beneficiaries turned out to be Wall Street grandees, whose high salaries he variously denounces and excuses, and public employee unions.

Obama’s move was encouraged by the aging leadership of the Democratic Party, shaped by places like Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco and Henry Waxman’s lushly affluent Beverly Hills. It has little to do with the views of the middle class who reside generally in smaller towns and less-than-tony suburbs—but some of the wealthiest, and most privileged, populations on earth.

President Obama’s other key constituency lies in the public sector unions, whose power in his home state of Illinois now rivals and perhaps surpasses that of Daley machine. Even as middle-class voters see their pensions dwindle along with their housing prices and jobs, the public sector has waxed into something resembling the Blue Meanie in Yellow Submarine who consumes everything in sight, and ultimately itself.

Perhaps nothing so illustrates the Great Disconnect than the president and the congressional lions embrace of the radical green climate green climate change agenda. Still popular in upper-class urban areas and university towns, this agenda is notably less well-supported in middle and working class communities, particularly in the middle of the country.

It’s time to get active and help provide the final push to this Administration. They could have been much more dangerous, but they walked up to the edge of the cliff with their hubris and extreme left ideology.

Call your friends, get active, get to the polls, and push them off the edge. They deserve it.