More proof that teacher’s don’t care about Children…

If one is to follow with the metaphor below, the real “fox in the henhouse” is the Teacher’s Union (Fox) inside our public schools (henhouse). These greedy foxes have eaten richly off of our tax dollars, created an overpriced and under-performing education system, and bankrupted a couple of states in the process.

Charter Schools: Education’s Fox in the Henhouse?

Successful urban charter schools are showing that high demand, high support education works for all students—not just Jewish and Asian and upper-class kids, but all kids who commit to academic success. Some of these schools’ achievement gains are very impressive.

So why am I, a retired public school teacher of 34 years, cautious and suspicious?

Perhaps there’s a hidden agenda, one that may be revealed by the following questions:

I can’t speak for all of the proponents of charter schools, but I have no hidden agenda. I hope to see the death of teacher’s unions in my lifetime. If one’s goal is to educate the populace effectively with public money, there is no intellectually sound reason to allow teacher’s unions to exist.

How do we get the best education for the least amount of money? There is no room for the greed and laziness of the public employee union mentality in any possible answer to that question.

No hidden agenda here, Mr. Saxon. GET YOUR UNIONS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS!!!

Here is how to do it.
If you are against the creation of more charters and other educational options for children, you are arguing from a position of moral illegitimacy.