How about Nationally imposed spending caps

With all of the state whining for Federal money, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a fiscally conservative president and a majority of Paul Ryan’s in Congress?

If we were that lucky, we could use the profligacy of states against them by making any bailout conditional upon the states passing hard constitutional spending caps.

States Hope for a Rich Uncle
Governors Lobby Washington for More Money as Stimulus Aid Runs Out

Among other things, Illinois is hoping the federal government will keep paying a higher share of Medicaid costs. “That’s $600 million we desperately need,” said Kelly Kraft, a spokeswoman for Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s budget office. Those funds already are counted in the governor’s budget proposal.

But in Congress, members are balking at further subsidies amid an election-year outcry over the U.S. deficit and federal involvement in the economy.

That tension sets up fierce battles as states work out budgets for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Because they can’t run deficits, most states face yet more tough choices: raise taxes, cut services, lay off workers or trim employees’ wages and benefits over union opposition.

“Our demand for services continues to grow, especially with underemployment and high unemployment—and we expect this trend to continue as we enter what is expected to be a slow-growth recovery,” said Anna Richter Taylor, a spokeswoman for Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski of Oregon.

Illinois and Oregon are 2 states that have (like most) lavishly showered greedy public unions with cash and benefits. It would be nice to have a Federal Government that worked to undo that mess. Instead, we have a president likely to further bankrupt the nation by using federal cash and debt to bail out these most greedy and powerful interests.

When enough people are either on the public payroll, or related to someone on the public payroll, it’s all over folks. You have a about 18-24 mos. to put a stake through these organizations heart.