Framing the Health Care Debate in Republican’s Favor

Today’s lesson in Framing is brought to you by the word “Rationing” and the number “3″.

Here is how it works. There is no reducing health care costs in America with out rationing. It’s just that simple. Observe.

Rationing, the Unspeakable, But Honest Solution

The honest solution is a word that cannot be spoken: rationing. Our system already rations health care based on the individual’s ability to pay. Insurance companies ration some tests and procedures based on age, risk factors and what often seems like whim. This ad hoc rationing doesn’t work very well, and nothing in any of the reform bills even tries to address the basic consensus that makes spending continue to rise: Put a lid on everybody else’s costs, but don’t touch mine.

The writer is 100% correct on “rationing.” In a rich nation where either the government or the insurance company pays for care, the main driver of costs is going to be our massive overutilization of health care. We all want PSAs, mammograms, not to mention the massive over use of testing driven by law suits and defensive medicine.

No rationing, no savings.

So here is how Republicans can frame the debate, and steal this issue from the Democrats.

Here is the simple question to be asked by every Republican at every town hall meeting.

“Who do you want rationing your health care? The Government, the insurance company, or you? Wouldn’t you rather be the one in control of rationing your own care? That’s our plan, and we’ll start you off with a $4,000 tax credit to do so.”

America over-utilizes health care. Each of us are better suited to control that utilization than any bureaucracy, be it Government or Private.