For every health care sob story…

…There is one of these

Health Reform’s Moral Hazard

For years Dr. Linda Halderman operated a general surgery practice in California’s San Joaquin Valley, where she treated patients ranging from those with serious, life-threatening conditions to those seeking elective, cosmetic treatments. In a recent piece in Investors Business Daily, Halderman recounted the story of a woman patient who had not had a mammogram in several years even though her family had a long history of breast cancer. “But I don’t have insurance,” the woman told Halderman when the doctor asked why she had neglected to get a test that costs $90. Yet the woman was in Halderman’s office for $400 Botox treatments that she was paying for.

In her piece Halderman recounted stories of patients who were enrolled in Medi-Cal, the state subsidized health plan for the poor in California, but paid upwards of $1,000 in cash out of their own pockets for laser hair removal procedures, and patients who sat in her waiting room entertaining themselves with expensive IPods and mini- DVD players yet balked at $5 insurance co-pays. She described patients who “considered health care a lower budget priority than decorated skin and expensive toys.” Other doctors who commented on her piece online told similar stories.

This is the awful perversity of having 3rd Payer/work-based systems. People become morally lazy and intellectually stupid, and we are supposed to pay for it.

Here is a idea…how about you suffer for the lack of your interest in your own life, you idiot!

It makes me a little angry that conservatives are forced to take the rap (sometimes deservedly so) for being hard-hearted, when vast numbers of American citizens clamor for “free health care” they are to “soft-brained” to avail themselves of.

I do not wish ill will on anyone, but for a person who spends $400 to inject poisons into their face based upon their vanity while forgoing a $90 mammogram, I can only say this. I pray for your deliverance from your own stupidity.

OTOH, if you end up dying of breast cancer, a pox on your soul if you (or any other liberal weenie) blames America, George Bush, Republicans, or corporate greed for your idiocy.

Now, nearly two-thirds of Americans surveyed by a Quinnipiac poll say it is government’s responsibility to ensure that everyone has “adequate health-care.” But does providing $90 mammograms to an uninsured person who would rather spend $400 on Botox treatments amount to a responsibility of government?

This is what you deserve if you believe that a government or a corporation should be responsible for your health care. You have a Constitutional right to be stupid, but you have no moral right to make me pay for it. I don’t have a problem paying a tax here and there to provide access to health care for my less fortunate fellow citizens.

But for the 66% of you who think you deserve it!!! You can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. You deserve nothing from me. You ought to consider it a gift from people who are smarter than you.

This is what getting rich (as a nation) gets you. An un-warranted sense of entitlement.