End the “Manmade Global Warming” myth faster

I just found two great links that should help all of you beat back the AGW (anthropic global warming) dogma among your friends and relatives.

Here is a PDF to “The Skeptics Handbook.” It is an quick and enjoyable read that gives you the information necessary to take people through the process of conversion back to rationality.

If you print it, read it, and practice talking about it, you should easily blow away your child’s “ed school grad” teacher who only parrots what her master tells her to parrot. At the very least, make your kids read it.

Next, there is a fun little blog post by one of the authors. In this post, she showcases the hubris, lack of intellect, and mendacity of those who try to bully you into silence on AGW. Don’t let them.

A resolute appeal to fairness and science (as differentiated from what I call “Scientism”) will win the day. Stand up to these pikers and force them to relent or embarrass themselves.

Learn, practice, stand up, and LEAD. Your doing so is becoming our only hope.