Doing the Pension Math

30 years of small, but growing payments buys you 30 years of out-sized and unsustainable benefits. That is the 10 second sound bite on Public Employee Pension Greed.

You can’t have 1000s of people running up their salaries in the last 4 years, artificially expanding their pensions. It’s an obscenity.

You can’t compound this with allowing swaths of state and local employees (teachers and Administrators especially) retire at 55, allowing them to live off a pension system designed for 10-15 years of life expectancy.

Do the math. You work from 25 to 55. Your pay (and pension payments) are low for about 10 of those years, medium for about 10-15 of them, medium to high for 5-10 of them, and obscenely inflated for the last 4. (don’t forget that public employees get sick days, car allowances, and unneeded insurance benefits added to the pension pie.)

You retire, and live off of an artificially bloated 75-80% average of your last 4 years FOR 30 YEARS OF LIFE EXPECTANCY!!!! WITH FREE HEALTH CARE!!!??????

Anyone living off of this scheme is a parasite bleeding their host (Individual and Business taxpayers) dry. They are killing the host.