Democratic Greed Destroying City and State Budget

I would like a Democrat, any Democrat, defend this obscene waste of money. OK, I readily admit that public pension pigs like Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar, and George Ryan luxuriated in this type of slime, but at least the Republican party is paying for their vile legacy.

Who pays for the Democrat’s legacy of Public Employee Greed? Teacher’s Union Greed? Utter waste that takes food and health care assistance from the poor and disadvantaged?

I challenge one of you lefties to defend this. Please.

Losing business, McPier added big salaries

Even as convention business has plummeted, the number of people on the payroll of the government agency that runs McCormick Place and Navy Pier who are paid more than $100,000 a year has grown.

A Chicago Sun-Times analysis of payroll records shows 54 employees of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority were making at least $100,000 as of September 2009. That’s eight more than the agency, familiarly known as McPier, had in 2006, the records show — a 17 percent increase.

OK, I get that you don’t want to answer that question. You can’t, because to do so, you expose yourself as a morally illegitimate purveyor of lies. Let me give you an easier question.

How can you defend the existence of a governmental entity like McPier? Is an agency like this even necessary. I know. You can’t answer that either.

Here is my answer. The State of Illinois should cut off Chicago’s take from the Illinois budget. Zero it out. All of it. Even Schools.

Let the King of Chicago sell off McPier to some Australian/Spanish conglomerate.

If Illinois citizens don’t turn all of these incumbent pikers out of office, they are no longer citizens, but sheep.