Dear Governor, Cut Education, Cut Deep, Cut Long, Cut Hard!!

This is an easy choice, everyone. Cut education!!

Start with the high property value districts that overtax their citizens, and start working your way down the list.

Better yet, put something in the bill to force the layoffs/pay cuts of personnel before cutting a single program. Hit them where they deserve it – the bloated payroll. Codify the use of common law “emergency” doctrine to re-open union contracts and hack payroll costs.

Raise taxes or cut education, Quinn says

SPRINGFIELD – — Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn pitched a 33 percent income tax increase Wednesday, framing the debate as a choice between finding more money or hurting schoolchildren.

But the governor’s challenge to lawmakers immediately ran into Republican criticism that Quinn is holding students hostage and into a Democratic dose of political reality.

“The people of America don’t want tax increases. …They’re hurting,” said House Speaker Michael Madigan, D- Chicago, speaking on public television’s ” Illinois Lawmakers.”

Madigan did not say whether he’ll muster the Democratic votes required to approve a tax increase this spring, noting the Republican rallying cry against higher taxes before the November election. It was clear lawmakers from both parties do not feel bound by the choices Quinn is offering.

Republicans have no credibility on the “education/union” issue, as they are craven cowards in the face of the teachers unions. Is it possible that no one (except for the two reformers in the Governor’s race) understand that you can’t defeat these awful people until you start campaigning against their greed.

The Republican Party in Illinois began it’s awful decline the moment it crawled in bed with public employee unions. If it returns to power without shedding them as a partner, it will remain an enemy of the taxpayer.