Because he’s evil?

Why is Obama killing off D.C.’s voucher program?

The Obama administration said it was going to respect science and respond to evidence — a contrast, many Democrats said, to the previous regime. So why is President Obama killing off the program that offers the best chance to find out if school vouchers work?

Congress has been paying for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which helps more than a thousand District children attend private schools. It gives a chance of a future to children who otherwise would be condemned to attend failing schools. How can that be bad?

Generally, opponents offer two arguments. One is that it won’t solve the whole problem. Well, no. That’s why everyone should support what Chancellor Michelle Rhee is trying to do to improve all D.C. schools. But even she supports the scholarship program. She testified before the Senate last September that until her reforms have had a few more years to take root, she can’t guarantee a quality education to every District child. No wonder that every year there have been many more applicants for the vouchers than vouchers to give out.

Vouchers are the ultimate litmus test issue for liberals. If you are against them, you are a moral fraud. You aren’t intellectually honest, and you wish to protect the politically powerful (teacher’s unions) over the politically weak (poor families).

In this single issue, Barack Obama has exposed himself as a fraud and a liar.