An Army of Davids v. Sheep ruled by Nurse Ratched

Will the day ever come when no one steps up to stop the terrorist or the shooter? Note that the victims of the Ft. Hood Muslim Terrorist were disarmed. In the Flight 253 situation, a few brave souls probably saved lives.

What happens if and when no one steps up anymore? We need a yearly (or monthly, even) Schuringa Award for civic courage. People who speak out against political correctness should be able to qualify for the prizes.

Fear and heroism aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 after attempted bombing

Jasper Schuringa, an Amsterdam resident, lunged toward the fire in Row 19, jumping from one side of the plane to the other and over several other passengers. He burned his fingers as he grabbed a piece of melting plastic held by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian man accused Saturday of trying to bring down the passenger jet with a homemade explosive device.

Schuringa, a video producer, restrained Abdulmutallab as others used blankets and fire extinguishers to douse the flames.

“When I saw the suspect, that he was getting on fire, I freaked, of course, and without any hesitation I just jumped over all the seats,” Schuringa told CNN on Saturday. “And I jumped to the suspect. I was thinking like, he’s trying to blow up the plane.”

If we don’t support courage, we will end up ruled by this…

Just one vote folks…