Forget about me. First watch one of the funniest movie clips ever.

Here it is. Bob Hope says it all. Too bad it pretty much sums up just about everybody now.


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…Extreme Wisdom & Bruno Behrend

Bruno Behrend is currently the Host of the Extreme Wisdom Radio Show on WKRS – 1220 AM broadcasting out of Waukegan, Illinois. The Extreme Wisdom Radio show features cultural and political discussion ranging across international, national, state, and local issues. The hallmark of the show is Bruno’s commitment to allowing callers to voice their views without rude interruption or being cut off. After all, why cut angry liberals, rabid populists, paleo-conservatives, and collectivists short when their ideas are so easy to refute?

The Extreme Wisdom Show is a perfect mix of college level content and conservative ideas, delivered in an intelligent, polite manner that most talk show hosts are incapable of. Think of it as a less pretentiousNPR.

Bruno has a background as a database consultant to the not-for-profit community and was formerly Field Director for FreedomWorks (www.FreedomWorks.com) in Illinois.

He has a background in various areas, including:

* Public Policy Research
* Database Consulting (specialist in fundraising software)
* Real Estate Investing and Development
* Corporate Seminar and Training Development

Mr. Behrend is a graduate of University of Illinois (1983) with a degree in Finance, and a graduate of IIT-Kent College of Law (1990). With a strong entrepreneurial drive, Mr. Behrend has started 5 businesses. (3 of which actually succeeded!).

Throughout this entire time, Bruno has been active in the policy arena, working with various groups and candidates in Illinois to promote progressive business-friendly and market-friendly policies.

His current projects, which he discusses on his radio show and on this blog, are the passage of a Constitutional Convention in 2008, featuring a dramatic limitation to the scope and power of the Illinois Government, and a re-write of Illinois’ tax and education code which, if passed, will provide Illinois’ businesses and individual taxpayers a substantial net tax cut and universal, fully-funded scholarship for every Illinois student, redeemable at any accredited Illinois school.

Mr. Behrend currently resides in River Forest, Illinois with his wife and son.


The Books that made Bruno brilliant

Guess What? I know what “consciousness” is, and you don’t. I also know that man developed language before he developed consiousness. How do I know? I read “The Origins of Consciousness.” This book will raise your IQ by about 7-15 points (assuming a baseline of 100)


Want to identify the “evil” people in your office, home, and life? Read “People of the Lie.” It activates the “radar” already installed in your human operating system. It’s like putting on a pair of special glasses that allow you to identify bad people. Really!


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