5 Years ago, I was crazy. Now I’m prescient

As we watch the shake out of the education reforms on the table across the nation, and as we watch the outcome of Scott Walker’s entirely justified “assault” on greedy public sector workers who refuse to pay a dime toward their pensions or health care…

Just remember that this tiny blog accurately predicted the financial conflagration unions have visited upon this nation, as well as the justified public backlash.

Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered.

Slaughter the Hogs.

  • lynn

    Police and fire unions, which have some of the most expensive benefits but who supported Mr. Walker’s campaign for governor, are exempted from Mr. Walker\\\’s bill.

    That\\\’s an important point here. Unions are fine with him if they side politically with him.

    What about the corporate pigs? You know, the ones who are funding the Tea Party groups, made up of just regular folks like the billionaire Koch Brothers? Why aren\\\’t people up in arms about corporate greed and their hijacking of democracy?

  • http://www.extremewisdom.com Bruno Behrend


    Thanks for posting.

    First, I’m highly skeptical of police and fire unions, and have no problem get rid of them as well. That said, they put their lives on the line in ways that teachers don’t. Walker was clearly playing a little politics with singling them out, but that’s politics. Divide and conquer.

    My bet is that these unions are still fighting him on this bill, even though he singled them out.

    The Kochs are no different from Phoenix university founder John Sperling or Progressive Insurance billionaire funding the radical left. Ted Gill of Colorado put millions into flipping the state blue. I have no problem with political spending on either of the aisle, as it is access to free speech.

    You’d probably like nothing better than stopping the Kochs or Business from funding campaign, while Union thugs continue to fund the Democrats campaign to bankrupt America. I am more fair. Let everyone fund everything they like with no restrictions or contribution limits.

    The left is LOADED with rich donors, who, frankly are more creative than the Bozos on the right who fund the same groups and consultants.

    I am a critic of corporate greed, but I have a choice not to buy their products. I’m stuck with the obscene property and income taxes generated by the insatiable greed of the public worker. Greed is a human failing, and applies equally to corporate toadies – who are siding more and more with the Czarist left of Obama, as long as they can keep their coke and porn parties in the Hamptons and LA.

    I notice their invite lists are full of Obama administration toadies. Seriously. Dump the cheap class war rhetoric. It doesn’t solve anything.

    Both parties are corrupt, and most politicians are forced to make compromises.