Is This Even Wrong?

I mean, why not just think of it as a “4th Trimester” abortion?

Dump your children here’ box to stop mothers killing their babies

Desperate mothers are being urged to drop their unwanted babies through hatches at hospitals in an effort to halt a spate of infanticides that has shocked Germany.

At least 23 babies have been killed so far this year, many of them beaten to death or strangled by their mothers before being dumped on wasteland and in dustbins.

Police investigating the murders are at a loss to explain the sudden surge in such cases, which have involved mothers of all ages all over the country.

My headline is facetious, of course. The blame for the travesty reported above rests squarely on the shoulders of the “culture of death” that permeates the extreme left. It’s penchant for destroying embryos at every stage of development has reached the mainstream, and Germany is probably only the first clear manifestation of their success. Really, if sucking millions of babies into a sink is OK, why is beating them to death and then abandoning them as garbage any different?

Before you accuse me of being off the reservation in this criticism, let me remind you that Peter Singer, famous so-called “ethicist” was given a Princeton professorship AFTER he opined that

“Human babies are not born self-aware or capable of grasping their lives over time. They are not persons. Hence their lives would seem to be no more worthy of protection that the life of a fetus.”

Now, you may agree with such a statement. That makes you a moral idiot, IMO, particularly if you consider yourself part of Western Civilization. However, if you can’t make a connection with a person of Singer’s beliefs raised to a position of stature and young German women beating and trashing their babies, then you are not only a moral idiot, but an intellectual idiot as well.

What is happening in Germany isn’t an accident, and it is probably happening here in the US as well. We just aren’t as good at practicing Peter Singer’s religion yet. I hope we never will be.

CIPP – Corruption is Power Program

Collin Hitt, over at the Illinois Policy Institute, has written a great op-ed on the differences between the way Illinois and Texas are going on charter schools.

Maybe it is time for Illinois bought and paid for legislature to take notice of the plight of children instead of the enhancing the blight of Teachers Unions. Elliot Spitzer in New York, and others across the nation are starting to realize the mistake of doing the bidding of large, corrupt, public employee unions.

If the Democrats want to be the majority party for another generation, they should throw the public employee unions off the bus – teachers first – and start embracing choice. It’s the correct thing to do.

Keep reading for YET ANOTHER story of a disgusting meat puppet of the teacher’s unions in our legislature.

Houston, we’ll have a problem — if Illinois retreats on charter schools

Capped at 30 by state law, there are a limited number of charters the Chicago Public Schools can grant. By “replicating campuses,” however, CPS has expanded the operations of several of its current charter schools without issuing a separate charter for every new campus. This has allowed CPS to remain under the charter cap while also allowing some of the city’s best schools — such as Chicago International and Noble Street charter schools — to serve more students in more communities.

Lawmakers are seeking to end that practice. State Rep. Monique Davis has proposed that no charter school in Illinois be allowed to expand its campuses beyond their current number. Since CPS has used 29 of its 30 charters, the legislation would effectively kill charter growth in Chicago.

If I haven’t been clear enough, let me elaborate on my message. Monique Davis is a disgusting example of Illinois politicians. She supposedly represents a district that serious educational needs (IMO, every public school is failing, because all of them cost too much), yet does the bidding of the vile educational unions, who care not a whit for the students, the “poor” or society, but only their protected monopoly and institutionalized greed.


The Momentum Builds

Yes, the next Reagan

Two months ago, I wrote an article, “The Next Reagan,” in which I outlined many of the reasons why Fred Thompson will be the next Ronald Reagan. Events since then have confirmed my arguments. I predict that Fred Thompson will enter the Republican nomination, that he will win it fairly easily, and that he will also defeat Hillary comfortably in the presidential election. Why?

First, no Republican since Ronald Reagan draws remotely as much genuine enthusiasm among conservatives as a serious presidential candidate. Both of the Bush presidencies have been mild disappointments. Though respect for our current commander-in-chief is high, President Bush is simply not an effective communicator or articulator of conservative principles. President Bush, however, is light years ahead of Senator Dole, the 1996 nominee, and also better as a communicator and campaigner than his father. That is how bad things have been for conservatives since the Gipper left the White House.

Fred Thompson, in stark contrast, is a phenomenal communicator. His background as a film and television star combines perfectly with his background as a very persuasive trial lawyer so that he is not only comfortable in front of the camera or at the microphone, but his skills in rhetoric are unequaled in any major political figure since Senator Robert Taft over fifty years ago.

I’m beginning to believe that the Thompson folks have planned to enter this race from the get-go, and that they are brilliant in doing so.

Wait until the entire Republican voter base is done discussing how unhappy they are with the 3 top tier candidates (2nd tier candidates really don’t matter, other than to raise their pet issues), waltz in at the height of the dissatisfaction, and win enough of each candidate’s stragglers to win.

Not necessarily easy, but doable. Count me in.

Decent Site – The Internet Skeptic

Long On-Line Presentation…


Click Here to Download the Global Warming Presentation

This seems as good a time as any to remind you of …


It tracks perfectly with the “Bong Hits for Jesus.”

Prankster at the Schoolhouse Gate

On the school board’s side stand the Bush administration and former special prosecutor Ken Starr, who has come up with a scary argument in support of Frederick’s suspension. Starr told the justices that schools should be able to silence students if their speech disrupts “the educational mission of the school.” Follow the logic. Juneau schools tell kids to stay away from drugs. If students argue — or even joke — they are being, in Starr’s words, “disruptive.”

Bush is going off the rails on this one. If this keeps up, I’m going to propose excommunicating him from the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” Further, schools don’t have an “education mission.” Their intent is to indoctrinate.

The Ninth Circuit understood how this precedent could be used to punish free-thinking teens. Judge Andrew Kleinfeld wrote, “All sorts of missions are undermined by legitimate and protected speech — a school’s anti-gun mission would be undermined by a student passing around copies of John R. Lott’s book, ‘More Guns, Less Crime’; a school’s anti-alcohol mission would be undermined by a student e-mailing links to a medical study showing less heart disease among moderate drinkers than teetotalers.”

This site exists to “disrupt the indoctrinational mission” of today’s schools, and I’d love to have allies in the kids that are unfortunately subjected to that indoctrination. In this issue, Bush/Starr are clearly wrong, and the usually whacked 9th Circuit is correct.

Is it too Much to ask…

…rank-and-file Police to Kick this Scumbag out of Their Profession?

NBC Chicago video of an alleged off-duty cop beating a bartender.

This would have been one of those wonderful times where a bystander with a gun just shot the son-of-a-bitch. Call it an “emergency defense of another” and give the shooter a medal.

We all know cops have a tough job in this day and age, but it is THEIR responsibility to purge these scum from their profession instead of going “tribal” and defend them. We’d all have more respect if that was the case.

Sub-Prime Pension Pigs lead to Sub-Prime Pensions…

If you haven’t been paying attention to what is going on with Public Pensions across the USA, you may have an excuse, as no one else seems to be either. It isn’t as if the press isn’t covering it, but then you have to keep up with what is happening to Anna Nicole Smith’s body, and whose DNA matches her kid.

That’s much more important, isn’t it? Anyway, while you’ve been focusing on the important stuff, and letting your legislator (and the 20 relatives s/he’s placed on the public teat) manage your society’s finances for you, they’ve been busy. Very busy.

They’ve been giving away the store to their friends, relatives, and patrons in the form of massive freshets of benefits for the bureaucratic class. We talk about this stuff as it relates to schools all the time, but the fact is that it is going on in every nook and cranny of state and local government.

It works like this. First, load up on as much unnecessary bureaucratic bloat as you can. Second, shower this class of unproductive deadweight with health care and pension largesse unavailable in the private sector (save the upper echelons of management). Third, tax the future values of real estate and business 30 years into the future, disregarding the fact that the services those taxes are supposed to provide now have to compete with Constitutionally Gauranteed payment to this unproductive class of drones mentioned above.

Rinse and Repeat.

When it all collapses, blame it on the Bush Tax Cuts.

The house of cards is built and ready for a small breeze. Check it out here (Texas), here (San Diego), and here (Chicago CTA).

The Chicago article is a perfect example of what I keep trying to tell you about. You can’t fund repairs for track or build new stations if you are filling the pension trough.

Even if passenger fares on the CTA, Metra and Pace were to double, the additional revenue wouldn’t even dent the multibillion-dollar funding shortfall that now confronts public transportation in northeastern Illinois, the state’s top fiscal watchdog said Thursday.

Current revenue sources, mainly sales tax from the six-county area and fareboxes, are insufficient to fund mass transit operations, let alone system expansions, Auditor General William Holland said.

But at a news conference Tuesday, Holland put special focus on the funding crisis and on problems confronting the Chicago Transit Authority. He said the mass transit agencies “are in serious financial trouble.”

Holland’s message was welcomed by the transit agencies’ top officials, who said the audit echoed what they’ve been saying for months: that mass-transit users will face fare hikes and service cuts in 2008 unless the legislature acts this year.

But in their response to many problems raised by the audit, including the structure of the RTA’s leadership and CTA pension-fund shortcomings, the transit agencies put the burden for reforms on the legislature.

It’s the same as for schools. You can’t fund a kids education if you are funding energy scams and obscene pensions.

Now back your regularly scheduled bread and circus.

Garrison Keillor – Difficult to Comprehend

In August of 2004, Garrison Keillor wrote this angry anti-republican rant in an on-line magazine. I remember some lefty friends sending it to me.


The party of Lincoln and Liberty was transmogrified into the party of hairy-backed swamp developers and corporate shills, faith-based economists, fundamentalist bullies with Bibles, Christians of convenience, freelance racists, misanthropic frat boys, shrieking midgets of AM radio, tax cheats, nihilists in golf pants, brownshirts in pinstripes, sweatshop tycoons, hacks, fakirs, aggressive dorks, Lamborghini libertarians, people who believe Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk was filmed in Roswell, New Mexico, little honkers out to diminish the rest of us, Newt’s evil spawn and their Etch-A-Sketch president, a dull and rigid man suspicious of the free flow of information and of secular institutions, whose philosophy is a jumble of badly sutured body parts trying to walk.

Wow! I guess he told me what for. I better get right with the state and secular humanist zeitgeist before I’m forever exposed as one of the caricatures listed above.

But WAIT! Today, Keillor writes another piece where he sound just like one of the people he blasted a mere 2.5 years ago.

Stating the Obvious (ad click-through required)

Back in the day, that was the standard arrangement. Everyone had a yard, a garage, a female mom, a male dad, and a refrigerator with leftover boiled potatoes in plastic dishes with snap-on lids. This was before caller ID, before credit cards, before pizza, for crying out loud. You could put me in a glass case at the history center and schoolchildren could press a button and ask me questions.

Monogamy put the parents in the background where they belong and we children were able to hold center stage. We didn’t have to contend with troubled, angry parents demanding that life be richer and more rewarding for them. We blossomed and agonized and fussed over our outfits and learned how to go on a date and order pizza and do the twist and neck in the front seat of a car back before bucket seats when you could slide close together, and we started down the path toward begetting children while Mom and Dad stood like smiling, helpless mannequins in the background.

Nature is about continuation of the species — in other words, children. Nature does not care about the emotional well-being of older people.

Wow. Here’s more.

Under the old monogamous system, we didn’t have the problem of apportioning Thanksgiving and Christmas among your mother and stepdad, your dad and his third wife, your mother-in-law and her boyfriend Hal, and your father-in-law and his boyfriend Chuck. Today, serial monogamy has stretched the extended family to the breaking point. A child can now grow up with eight or nine or 10 grandparents — Gampa, Gammy, Goopa, Gumby, Papa, Poopsy, Goofy, Gaga and Chuck — and need a program to keep track of the actors.

And now gay marriage will produce a whole new string of hyphenated relatives. In addition to the ex-stepson and ex-in-laws and your wife’s first husband’s second wife, there now will be Bruce and Kevin’s in-laws and Bruce’s ex, Mark, and Mark’s current partner, and I suppose we’ll get used to it.

The country has come to accept stereotypical gay men — sardonic fellows with fussy hair who live in over-decorated apartments with a striped sofa and a small weird dog and who worship campy performers and go in for flamboyance now and then themselves. If they want to be accepted as couples and daddies, however, the flamboyance may have to be brought under control. Parents are supposed to stand in back and not wear chartreuse pants and black polka-dot shirts. That’s for the kids. It’s their show.

Strange stuff from a Republican Bashing Blue-Stater. Garrison may just be frog-marched to the “Apology Podium” for that little rant. He’ll undoubtedly find many of his friends liking him better when he was bashing Republicans.

Oh well, at least he stated the obvious.

Fixing America one Step at a Time

This gentleman just made my “Lake County Citizen of the Week”.

We need one or two of him in every county.

He’s the King of Small Claims

Some Surprises in Iraqi Polling…

Source ORB:

March 07 – Despite violence only 26% preferred life under Saddam

The full tables of the poll are long and cumbersome, but quite interesting. Iraqis seem more sophisticated than we give them credit for.

As for the 74% who DON’T/DIDN’T prefer life under Saddam, it goes a long way of disproving the war critics of all stripes here in the West. “People prefer freedom over tyranny” seems to be a pretty easy case to make.

Sorta like “Live Free or Die,” huh? As badlyu bungled as it all was, I think Bush’s over all point about the will to be free residing in every human soul is basically accurate.

Too many here in the West are too enamoued of our easy lifestyles to understand this simple fact.