Gore’s Moronic Movie

Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal has a piece on Gore’s movie.

Warmed Over

Mr. Gore’s narrative isn’t science, but science fiction. It also contains a large element of political fiction, relying on the hack theme of good guys versus bad guys. Hint to filmmakers: An honest policy argument usually takes the form of one of two questions: “Whose rights trump?” and “What’s welfare maximizing?”
Mr. Gore did not discover global warming and hasn’t been a voice in the wilderness. Our political system has looked at the question closely, in a way Mr. Gore’s film doesn’t, and repeatedly concluded that the cost of action is greater than the known or surmised risks. That’s all it can do. Thus the Senate and Presidents Clinton and Bush all made clear that they wouldn’t sign up for a Kyoto gesture that imposes real costs with no real benefits.

This argument will come back again and again, as it must. As for the auteur, where many politicians seem like overhungry adolescents, Mr. Gore seems like a stifled 9-year-old–by turns spoiled and bullied, unwilling fully to meet expectations but unwilling also to take his own path. So what about gas prices? He needs to decide: Does he want to be a presidential contender or does he want to be the deliverer of “inconvenient truths” about climate change?


I hope he and Hillary go at in 2007-8. It will be fun to watch.

Great Video – Now Do Some Against the Public Education Monopoly

Thanks Union Bosses!

50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs?

John Miller over at National Review posts up 50 “Conservative Rock Songs.”

It seems like they had to stretch to get to 50. Maybe they didn’t work too hard. Do you have any to add?

What’s Going on with Hastert, Pelosi, Bush & Washington

It’s amazing how much stagnant water can be stirred up in the D.C. cesspool from a few thousand dollars stashed in a Congressman’s freezer.

Inexplicably, Hastert & Pelosi hold hands and attack the Executive Branch for being heavy handed, making the absurd (and frankly obscene) argument that raiding a suspect’s office violates “separation of powers.”

(As an aside, I don’t recall Pelosi rushing to Cunningham’s defense.)

Next, Pelosi asks Jefferson to resign while Jefferson hides behind the (utterly fake) righteous indignation of the Congressional black caucus.

Meanwhile, Hastert’s attorneys are threatening a lawsuit against ABC while ABC asserts that they stick by their story, despite the Justice Department’s claim that the original story isn’t true.

In the midst of all this, Hastert avers that someone at Justice is playing it fast and loose with facts, leaking Hastert’s name a part of an “investigation,” possibly in retaliation for Hastert’s criticism of the FBI’s raids on Jefferson.

Lastly (and even more inexplicably), Bush seals all records related to Jefferson, blithely stating that this is an “attempt to cool off a heated confrontation between [the] administration and leaders of House leaders of both parties.

Is it too cynical to say that, taken together, this looks like a classic play on the part of both parties and both branches to cover up massive amounts of corruption on the part of the entire system?

Shelby Steele Interview – White Guilt


I’ve got the blog integration working! I can now publish these "Podcasts" to my site from anywhere. Cool.

Shelby Steele was brilliant.

Book Excerpt on how white liberals are guilty of promoting racism through different channels:

[White Liberals] illustrate the great internal contradiction of white liberalism: that its paternalism, its focus on whites rather than blacks as the agents of change, allows white supremacy to slip in the back door and once again define the fundamental relationship between whites and blacks.

So the very structure of the liberal faith — that whites and “Society” must facilitate black progress — locks white liberals into an unexamined white supremacy. They can’t really believe in blacks but they must believe in whites. Whites are the agents; blacks are the agented.

Have a listen to the interview…

For those of us white Americans who harbor no racism, and whose goal it is to truly assist blacks in attaining their due, there are only two things we must do.

First, we must help stamp out the remaining pockets of racism in our culture. Secondly, and just as important, we musht shed the socially corrupting influence of “white liberal guilt,” and openly proclaim that we are “NOT GUILTY!”

A Fundamentally Childish and Unserious Political Class

Despite it’s ridiculous nature, I have to admire the brazeness of Rod Blagojevich’s “Education Funding Reform.” The idea that a Governor could propose increasing the funding of the most overfunded and underperforming bureaucracy in the state (Education), while raiding even more funds (Lottery money), while privatizing public cash flows (Lottery money), while ignoring a $40 billion+ pension shortfall…

…well, this is more endearing than debating what “the meaning of ‘is’ is” – if you get my drift.

If this passes, I hope that it passes without a single Republican vote. Further, if this passes, it is an indication that a person who votes for it is fundamentally unserious about the issues confronting this state.

The Truth about Universal Pre-School…

…Is that it doesn’t work.

Not that this makes any difference to the doped population that is no longer capable of thinking beyond the 30 second sound bite.

Assessing Proposals for Preschool and Kindergarten:
Essential Information for Parents, Taxpayers and Policymakers

To help determine the efficacy of early education programs, we examine the results of some of the programs considered to be early education models—including, Perry Preschool, Chicago Child Parent Studies, Abecedarian, and Head Start—and find the research to be flawed and therefore of questionable value. We also review information from the National Center for Education Statistics, which reports no lasting reading, math, or science achievement differences between children who attend half-day and full-day kindergarten.

We also examine the results of the National Assessment of Education Progress in Georgia and Oklahoma, where universal preschool has been fully implemented without quantifiable benefit. We find the widespread adoption of preschool and fullday kindergarten is unlikely to improve student achievement.


I won’t even bother to say “Read the Whole Thing.”

Soon, the majority of the publicly educated population won’t be able to read beyond the 3rd grade level. When you consider that you actually have to be able to read and think to make critical decisions about your society, it should come as no surprise to anyone that an illiterate population is one of the key goals of the public education establishment.

Grass, Massed to Gas, Every one Drives for Free

This is cause for optimism.

Canadian Dreams of Ethanol Distilled from Grass

[There is an audio link]

It’s been a dream for many years: Distill clean-burning ethanol from grass, the cheapest vegetation. It’s not just a dream anymore. An entrepreneur in Canada has a small factory operating already. He claims that he’s ready to blanket the continent with such factories.

A Former Teacher Tells the Truth

Of course, with a set pension and no worry of retaliation, he can afford to…

Our Union Focused Only on the Teachers

Your May 4 editorial “rotten apples” expressed a belief I’ve held for almost 50 years; “… unions pretend their political actions are in the interests of “the children” — except when that conflicts with their own economic self-interest.”

Not once in my 35-year teaching career did the Union — mine was the Michigan Education Association — negotiate an item not having teacher benefit at its center. It did get me a perpetually better salary, a great medical plan, some extra duty pay for extra work, at least one class period to be devoted to preparation, and some other class-size control attempts. But I, even in retirement, still cannot find a direct correlation between these ” negotiated” features and improved teacher classroom performance.

Everything was for me and my fellow teachers. We were all paid the same, a typical Union maneuver, which means no incentive for one to excel, even though some did. And the Union protected members equally regardless of competence. Certification rather qualification determined hiring practices. Most school administrators doing teacher valuations are only competent to assess those teaching in their own former area of classroom teaching. Morals were the only reason any teacher was ever released at my school.

I will eternally remember an admonition from a regional MEA leader to “take coil wires, put sugar in gas tanks, and let air out tires of scabs [teachers who had taken positions of strikers]” during an unusually bitter contract negotiation. Considering all of this along with what you cited in your editorial, it’s a real stretch to find the Union rationale that “we care about kids.”


Fund Children, not Teacher’s Unions.

For more letters from Retired Teachers for Truth, go here.

Shelby Steele’s “White Guilt” a must read

Next Monday night, I’ll be interviewing author Shelby Steele, about his new book, “White Guilt — how blacks and whites together destroy the promise of the civil rights era.”

It’s a fascinating read, as the excerpt below demonstrates.


P. 34…

The most striking irony of the age of white guilt is that racism suddenly became valuable to people who had suffered it. Racism, in the age of racism, had only brought every variety of inhuman treatment, which is why the King generation felt extinguishing it would bring equality. But in the age of white guilt, racism was also evidence of white wrongdoing and, therefore, evidence of white obligation to blacks.

King had argued that whites were obligated to morality and democratic principles. But white guilt meant that they were obligated to black people because they needed the moral authority only black people could bestow. Only the people themselves — meaning of course the black leadership — could vet the white moral redemption, the white deliverance from racism.

Thus, white guilt made racism into a valuable currency for black Americans — a currency that enmeshed whites (and especially American institutions) in obligation not to principles but to black people as a class. (Note is that affirmative action explicitly violates many of the same principles — equal protection under law, meritorious advancement — that the King-era civil rights movement fought for.) Lacking other sources of capital, blacks embraced racism as power itself.


It is time for those of us who are white, and who are not racists, to simply look black leadership in the eye and say (or perhaps shout), “not guilty!”

Having never been a racist, I refuse to accept any guilt that is unearned. On the other hand, as a white person who is not disadvantaged by the remaining pockets of racism that do exist in our society, it is incumbent upon me (and everyone like me) to identify and stamp out those remaining pockets.

This is the type of “dialogue about race” that we should be having. It would be far more enlightening than Bill Clinton’s smarmy platitudes.