Political Diseases and Mental Disorders

A liberal friend sent me this funny anti-Bush Humor Item.

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of Sexually Transmitted Disease. The disease is contracted through dangerous and high-risk behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim (pronounced “gonna re-elect him”).

Many victims contracted it in 2004, after having been screwed for the past four years. Cognitive characteristics of individuals infected include: anti-social personality disorders, delusions of grandeur with messianic overtones, extreme cognitive dissonance, inability to incorporate new information, pronounced xenophobia and paranoia, inability to accept responsibility for own actions, cowardice masked by misplaced bravado, uncontrolled facial smirking, ignorance of geography and history, tendencies towards evangelical theocracy, categorical all-or-nothing behavior. Naturalists and epidemiologists are amazed at how this destructive disease originated only a few years ago from a bush found in Texas.

Here is the UPDATE on Gonorrhea Lectum:

Though it has some negative effects, such as bloated Budget Bloatus and Lobbyitis, Gonorrhea Lectum has now been found to cure numerous ailments that are far more dangerous to the populace.

The same building blocks used to build Gonorrhea Lectum are responsible for defeating the far worse disease of Kerrygoreducoccus, a dangerous mental wasting disease that causes people to believe they are intelligent despite their obvious descent into stupefication.

The key symptom of Kerrygoreducoccus is a ponderous speech pattern, with sentences of no intellectual content, delivered in a moralistic tone. The key effects of Kerrygoreducoccus, should one catch it, is an unwarranted feeling of mental superiority coupled with the inability to make a coherent argument. Victims spend most of their lives in a blue state, unable to conceive an optimistic thought.

Left unchecked, Kerrygoreducoccus devolves into an attack of DailyKosabloggus, a tourettes-like mental state, where once reasonable people feel compelled to congregate in mass numbers, spit bile, and commiserate over their increasing powerlessness and their declining mental faculties. (One witnessed this during the recent State of the Union address, where numerous victims of DailyKosabloggus congregated on the Capital mall banging pots and pans)

Both and DailyKosabloggus and Kerrygoreducoccus are connected to BDS – Bush Derangement Syndrome – a disease brought about by listening to good ideas presented in an inarticulate fashion.

How can you “Teach” Self Discipline When You Have None

This is a rich article. Self Discipline is a greater predictor of academic and financial success than IQ. Well “Duh!”

Self-Discipline May Beat Smarts as Key to Success

Zoe Bellars and Brad McGann, eighth-graders at Swanson Middle School in Arlington, do their homework faithfully and practice their musical instruments regularly. In a recent delayed gratification experiment, they declined to accept a dollar bill when told they could wait a week and get two dollars.

According to a recent article by Angela L. Duckworth and Martin E.P. Seligman in the journal Psychological Science, self-discipline is a better predictor of academic success than even IQ.

“Underachievement among American youth is often blamed on inadequate teachers, boring textbooks, and large class sizes,” the researchers said. “We suggest another reason for students falling short of their intellectual potential: their failure to exercise self-discipline. . . . We believe that many of America’s children have trouble making choices that require them to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term gain, and that programs that build self-discipline may be the royal road to building academic achievement.”


Hmmmm, let’s see.

* Parents indulge their kids with computers & TVs in their rooms.

* Members of BIG ED indulge themselves with purchased legislation and unsustainable pension perks.

* Politicians indulge the electorate with Welfare State pension and health care schemes that bear no actuarial relation to reality.

* The nation indulges itself with cheap credit…etc. etc.

Amidst all this, we are supposed to inculcate “Self-Discipline” in our children. How? Their only role-models are a class and culture of infantilized, unserious, clueless people whining about how they “want it all now!!!” (while they – our children – are saddled with the debt to pay for it all)

Stupid in America Transcript

You can download the full “Stupid in America” Transcript right here. It’s tough reading at first (it reads like a play), but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Happy reading. Remember to vote no on all local Referenda. They don’t deserve another dime.

Download file

HSA Enrollment Triples

More good news on the success of Health Savings Accounts.

This link reports that enrollment in HSAs tripled in the last year.

HSA enrollment triples in less than a year: Survey

Enrollment in health savings accounts linked to high-deductible health insurance plans has roughly tripled in the last 10 months, according to a new survey.

As of Jan. 1, more than 3 million people were covered by HSAs, up from just over 1 million as of March 1, 2005, according to the preliminary results of a survey conducted by the Washington-based trade group America’s Health Insurance Plans.


This is just another example of “individualizing” the Welfare State.

Individual Social Security Accounts
Individual Heath Savings Accounts

…and most of all…

Individual Scholarships for School (with a college savings component)


Health Savings Accounts shot in arm for society

Reply to a Member of the Cult of Public Education

I’ve decided to start calling those who blindly support Public Education members of a “religion” or a “cult.”

The level of support for public education is far greater than it should be, given its cost and its utter failure to educate kids. This simply argues for the proposition that people support public education for what are closer to religious beleifs than anything that has to do with ‘reason.’

The person to whom I am replying posted a comment to an old post where I argued against the “spending orgy = high property value” myth so prevalent among suburbanites.

She takes issue with my propostion that I (or any of you) could educate children just fine if we got $12,000/kid (an absurd spending level by any standard) and were allowed to use it at any school.

I wrote:

Give me 10 kids and that $12,000/year/kid, and I’ll guarantee a college prep level education for each kid by age 16-18. I’ll rent the space, spring for materials and education aids, and still have enough left over to make a nice living.

Alison wrote:

Bruno, will your program provide an orchestra for my daughter the violinist, and a band for her friend the clarinetist, with trained musicians to run them? Will your program provide organized basketball, volleyball and cross-country? Will you offer instruction in 3 different languages?

Will you have a computer lab and library with thousands of books? Wll you offer music and art instruction by specialized teachers in these fields? Will you provide advanced instructon for the advanced learners and special education for disabled kids? I DIDN’T THINK SO. WHAT A JOKE. Funny how people aren’t flocking to give you $12,000 to educate their kids.


There you have it. An overweaning sense of entitlement, a complete misunderstanding of economics, all combined with a snide attitude for those who don’t share their brainwashed, cult-like mania for our over-funded, underperforming education system.

For my lengthy reply, click the “Continue” link.
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The NEA, BIG ED, and “Collectivism”

Many people wonder about my continuous attacks on Public Education.

The number of people who vote center-right and believe that the schools are neutral educators of our children simply don’t want to believe that truth.

Schools are engines of mediocrity. Worse yet, they enforce this mediocrity with a continuous stream of extreme left-wing ideology.

If you don’t believe me, follow along with this. Regardless of what one might think of “Mission Statements,” (I think they are pretty pointless) it seems fair to say that if a person or organization takes the time to produce one, it should be regarded as an accurate representation of that organization’s mission/goal.

Here is the NEA’s Mission Statement.

The slogan that accompanies NEA Tomorrow is “Creating our future together through collective thinking and conversation.”

Given that the NEA is “ground zero” of the collective (and corrupt) enterprise of Public Education (Big Education), it is fair to argue that Public Education is collectivist.

Given that collectivism is anti-American, anti-Individual rights, anti-Bill of Rights, and anti-Freedom, I believe it is fair to say that you can’t say you are for “freedom” and support public education.

Supporting the current Public Education system is supporting the collectivization, stupefication, and infantilization of American Children.

Call your Republican Congressman – Lobby for Shadegg

One of the bigger stories that isn’t getting a lot of attention is the GOP House Leadership race. I endorse Shadegg, and I hope all of you Republicans take a few minutes and lobby your Republican Congressman to support his bid over the other two.

The picture alone (Shadegg center) is good enough for the vote (Though I think the CS Monitor’s use of pictures indicates their preference.)


A good General Rule in this department is to dump the incumbent/establishment candidate.

GOP looks for White Knight to Lead House

“John Shadegg is a son of the Republican revolution, a member of the fabled class of 1994, and a leader who has never lost his zeal for reform,” said Mr. Pence in his statement endorsing the Arizona Republican. He “knows what fiscal and moral reforms are necessary to restore public confidence in the integrity of our national legislature.”

Minutes after the Pence announcement, Mr. Blunt’s two opponents – Reps. Shadegg and John Boehner of Ohio – called on Mr. Blunt to debate the issues threatening the party’s majority.

“It’s unfortunate that at a time when House Republicans are having a serious conversation about our future, the candidate who claims to be the frontrunner has so far refused to engage in a debate about how we will reform the House and change the status quo,” they said in a statement.

With members scattered across their districts and beyond – and vote pledges in congressional leadership races notoriously unreliable – no count is sure, especially as the battle over reform gains momentum.

Alexis de Tocqueville on Public Education

OK, so he didn’t REALLY use these words to describe Public Education. He was actually describing the possible effect of mass conformity on our budding republic circa 1835.

BTW, if you have absolutely no idea who de Tocqueville was – thank a teacher.

“…but [enforced conformity] seeks, on the contrary, to keep them in perpetual childhood. . . . [I]t every day renders the exercise of the free agency of man less useful and less frequent; it circumscribes the will within a narrower range and gradually robs a man of all the uses of himself. . . . [T]he supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided. . . . Such a power does not destroy, . . . but it enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd. -Alexis de Tocqueville

Facts Blago didn’t tell you about

The facts below are submitted by the Illinois Senate Republican Issues Development Director.
What You Didn’t Hear in Blago’s Address

A few facts you didn’t hear in the Governor’s speech:

Illinois is 45th in the nation in job growth since Blagojevich took office.

Illinois’ median household income has fallen $6,000 in 6 years as a result of lost manufacturing jobs. (Northern Illinois University study)

Despite his claims of not raising taxes, in his 1st year, Blagojevich raised 300 taxes and fees – including trucking fees – which drove jobs across the borders.

More than 2 million Illinoisans are on Medicaid – an all-time record-high – at a time when other states are cutting back enrollment through programmatic changes and/or economic revival

In the current fiscal year, Blagojevich cut elementary and secondary education by $42 million and higher education by $156 million when factoring in his under-funding of the pensions

Because of Blagojevich’s higher education budget cuts, tuition has increased an average of 40% at Illinois institutions

Hours after the Governor’s first rollout of a capital plan, the media found evidence of “pay for play” with insiders close to the Governor standing to benefit from keno – his massive gambling expansion

The sole revenue source for a $2.3 billion road borrowing plan is “excess” revenues – but just as the Auditor General found there are no “efficiency initiative savings” there are no “excess revenues” in the Road Fund.

Blagojevich has diverted $1 billion from Road Fund. Without those diversions, the state could afford to pay for needed road and bridge projects without incurring more debt.

The Governor has refused to consider reforms needed to assure that contracts for construction projects would be awarded competitively, rather than on the “Pay to Play” basis that has characterized this administration.

When pension debt is factored in, Illinois is second only to California in state indebtedness.

He is balancing budgets on the backs of retirees with a ten-year $4.8 billion retirement fund diversion.

Schools have a Bigger Problem than the Catholic Church

World Net Daily has two articles on the incredibly high number of Teachers who assault students, and the absurdly light sentences that they are getting.

Read the second link all the way to the bottom of the page. This is an epidemic.

Again! Homosexual teacher gets no jail for teen assault

Hoff’s avoidance of jail time comes the same week another homosexual teacher in Massachusetts avoided incarceration despite raping a teenage boy.

As WorldNetDaily is reporting, Gregory Pathiakis, 26, of Brockton, Mass., was given five years probation after pleading guilty to one count of rape of a child, enticement of a child under 16, five counts of possession of child pornography and one count of distribution of harmful material to a child.

The jurist handling that case, Judge Suzanne Delvecchio, the first woman to be appointed chief justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, was honored in 2000 as the keynote speaker at the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Bar Association’s annual dinner.

Both cases are emerging on the heels of national outrage this month after a judge in

Vermont gave an admitted child rapist a 60-day jail sentence.

Lesbian teacher rapist off hook – no jail time

Lilley, who was arrested in November, pleaded no contest to lewd and lascivious battery, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

The 15-year-old girl Lilley assaulted was in tears during the hearing, asking the judge to remove a stipulation in the sentence that barred contact between the two. Howard declined her request.


Please don’t tell me that these are “only exceptions.” The fact that they exist at all is clear evidence of something REALLY sick in our schools.

Predators go to where they find prey. The protection the Catholic Church gave to their predators and the protection the courts and Unions are giving to the predators in schools is another example of how our schools are starting to look like “Churches” where no competing ideology or accountability is allowed.