Free Advice for the 3 Conservatives in Illinois

Boy, if that headline doesn’t sound more like a punchline…


Dear Mr. Oberweis, & Senators Brady & Rauschenberger,

If Judy Barr-Topinka is leading in the polls 2-3 weeks out, the two of you that are polling the lowest should drop out in favor of the highest one.

I believe this would be a good time for the three of you to announce such a deal. It would make all of you look good in the eyes of Illinois’ conservative base, and, quite frankly, it is the right thing to do.

Strategically, if all three of you agreed to stand on the same podium and announce this deal, you would;

1. Reduce the number of people willing to jump on Topinka’s tiny Bandwagon
2. Show the less engaged Republican Voter that she is a weak candidate
3. Increase your stature for future races (This provides the greatest benefits to Sen. Brady)
4. Increase the positives for all three of you in that it becomes clear that it “isn’t all about [you]”

Please think about it.

Unity for Illinois conservatives! Why, even the New York Times would cover that. (But the Tribune wouldn’t)

Here is some suggested text.


Given that the three conservative candidates in this Gubernatorial Race are ____________, _____________, and myself, and that Judy Bar Topinka’s winning of the nomination would damage the Republican Party in Illinois even more that she has already damaged it;

I ____________________, agree to the following.

Should Judy Barr-Topinka, the “business as usual” establishment candidate of Illinois’ entrenched politcal class, be leading in the average of the top 3 polls 2 weeks before the primary election, I will drop out of the race in favor of the leading conservative candidate mentioned above.


Wrap that in a press conference with all three shaking hands, and all of you will see positive polling results. It makes so much political sense that I would suspect any of the three of you who turn it down of having a hidden agenda.

Union Thugs v. the Poor

Liberal Illinois Bloggers love to pat themselves on the back whenever one of them posts a hit piece on WalMart.

Link this little tidbit on their sites.


Progressive Wal-Mart. Really.

Wal-Mart’s critics allege that the retailer is bad for poor Americans. This claim is backward: As Jason Furman of New York University puts it, Wal-Mart is “a progressive success story.” Furman advised John “Benedict Arnold” Kerry in the 2004 campaign and has never received any payment from Wal-Mart; he is no corporate apologist. But he points out that Wal-Mart’s discounting on food alone boosts the welfare of American shoppers by at least $50 billion a year. The savings are possibly five times that much if you count all of Wal-Mart’s products.

These gains are especially important to poor and moderate-income families. The average Wal-Mart customer earns $35,000 a year, compared with $50,000 at Target and $74,000 at Costco. Moreover, Wal-Mart’s “every day low prices” make the biggest difference to the poor, since they spend a higher proportion of income on food and other basics. As a force for poverty relief, Wal-Mart’s $200 billion-plus assistance to consumers may rival many federal programs. Those programs are better targeted at the needy, but they are dramatically smaller. Food stamps were worth $33 billion in 2005, and the earned-income tax credit was worth $40 billion.


Liberals say they care about the poor, but will act in the interest of their patrons in the protected class. They do the bidding of their masters in the Union Movement, who demand high prices for their unsustainable pensions and other collectivist schemes.

I can’t wait til WalMart finds a way to sell “Government” the way they sell groceries and eyeglasses….

Cheaper. Much Cheaper.

Thank You Joe Lieberman II

It is only a matter of time before the forces supporting Howard Spleen and excommunicate Senator Lieberman from their Church of Vitriol.

In the meantime, he seems to be the only well-known Democrat who isn’t willing to sacrifice good policy for a chance to hurt Bush.

Thank you Senator Lieberman. Switch Parties, we won’t force you to recant your views on school choice.


Our Troops Must Stay

Before going to Iraq last week, I visited Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israel has been the only genuine democracy in the region, but it is now getting some welcome company from the Iraqis and Palestinians who are in the midst of robust national legislative election campaigns, the Lebanese who have risen up in proud self-determination after the Hariri assassination to eject their Syrian occupiers (the Syrian- and Iranian-backed Hezbollah militias should be next), and the Kuwaitis, Egyptians and Saudis who have taken steps to open up their governments more broadly to their people. In my meeting with the thoughtful prime minister of Iraq, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, he declared with justifiable pride that his country now has the most open, democratic political system in the Arab world. He is right.


The left hates Bush more than Saddam. They would rather sacrifice 27 million Iraqis to terror and civil war than allow Bush a demonstrable victory.

What does that say about them?

That Boom You Just Heard…

As the Democrats use Republican “corruption” to make gains in the House and Senate in 2006, remind your friends that they will kill what is a pretty remarkable economy.

Third-quarter GDP revised sharply higher

U.S. gross domestic product, a measure of all goods and services produced within U.S. borders, grew at a revised 4.3 percent annual rate in the July-to-September period, the fastest pace since the first three months of 2004, the Commerce Department said.

In its first snapshot a month ago, the department had put third-quarter growth at 3.8 percent and Wall Street economists had expected the rate to be revised up more modestly, to 4.0 percent. The sharp upward bump took growth a full point above the second-quarter’s 3.3 percent rate.


The New York Times, still eager to persuade people that the sky is falling, must resort to what Laura Ingraham calls the “But Monkey”…

Upbeat Signs Hold Cautions for the Future

Gasoline is cheaper than it was before Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans. Consumer confidence jumped last month and new- home sales hit a record. The stock market has been rising. Even the nation’s beleaguered factories seem headed for a happy holiday season.

By most measures, the economy appears to be doing fine. No, scratch that, it appears to be booming.



But nothing! The economy is doing well. The major threats are the Democrats stonewalling personal retirement accounts and Medicare reforms.

Demographics dictate that the collectivised engines of waste are individualized. It is time we stopped the left from imposing the religion of Socialism upon us.

I guess the don’t REALLY believe in the seperation of Church and State.

The Latest Show is Up!!

Sunday’s Show is up (immediately to the right)

Hours 1 and 2 are a discussion of the rot in the Republican Party (let the Democrats clean their own house) as evidenced by Ken Mehlman’s suicidal (for Illinois Republicans) embrace of the Combine’s own Judy Blag-Topinkavich.

Best of Hour 1 is an excellent call from John in Highland Park, who argues that we need to do much more than complain about Topinka & Kjellander (he is correct)

Best of Hour 2 is a clip of a Topinka Supporter (Mel? – as in Dick Mell, perhaps) who immediately goes into attack mode the moment you disagree with him on social issues.

If some one knows who Mel is (of if he reads this site), he wins the $25 bounty for my first liberal caller (Liberal Ken doesn’t count because he is a friend of mine).

If you know who he is, tell him that he has to call in next Sunday to collect.

More Republican Rot

For those of you who missed Sunday’s show, I spent most of the time discussing the rot in the Republican Party. I know that the same type of rot pervades the Democrats, but saying ‘they do it too’ is not good enough any more.

[BTW - the new show segments (hours 1 & 2) will be up Tuesday Morning, along with the "Best of" segments.]

Here is another story from California…

Cunningham Quits House in Bribery Flap

In a tearful apology, the 63-year-old Republican lawmaker said because he was “not strong enough,” he disgraced his family and his congressional seat.

“I will forfeit my freedom, my reputation, all my worldly possessions and most importantly the trust of my friends and family,” Cunningham said in a brief statement in which he announced that he will continue to cooperate with the government’s ongoing investigation.

Something like this is going on (to some degree or another) everywhere – in Illinois, in every school district, and in most governmental entities. If your library board is hiring an expensive consultant, something corrupt is part of the process.

The real kicker is that the “legal” corruption - teachers extracting pensions that the future workers of the state can’t pay, lobbyists getting commissions on bond deals, etc. etc. – is much bigger.

Judy Blag-Topinkavich

I credit Steve Rauschenberger’s campaign with re-triggering this idea. I used the term Judy Barr-BlahoodGidwitz on one of my shows back when Lahood was still in the hunt.

Regardless, I got an e-mail from the Rauschenberger Campaign that referenced “Topinkojevich”. Great Idea – too many syllables.

I prefer “Judy Blag-Topinkovich“. Regardless, feel free to come up with your own, but NEVER miss an opportunity to point out that a vote for JBT is a vote for Blago is a vote for the Combine.

Silly word games? Yes. Good (and accurate) propaganda? Double Yes.

Start calling them “Social Democrats”

It’s time to start the 2006 mid term election campaign. One place to start is by calling Democrats “Social Democrats” (let the listener supply the “ist” on their own).

Democrats are the party of Chirac. They seek to impose a Eurostyle welfare state upon us. There is simply no downside to reminding people of that fact.

When you say “Social Democrats”, your listener will say “What do you mean?” This is your opportunity to pull out the statistics from the following article.


Toward Europe?
Michael Barone

Will the United States become more or less like continental Europe? That’s one way to frame the central question of domestic policy. In Europe much higher percentages of gross domestic product are absorbed by government; welfare state protections and restrictions on labor markets are greater, health-care and pension provisions are dominated by the central government. The result, say advocates of the European model, is greater leisure and greater protection against risk. The result, say advocates of the American model, is economic stagnation and high unemployment. Over the last 25 years, the number of jobs has increased by 57 million in the United States. The figure for Europe is 4 million. Unemployment is around 5 percent in the United States. In France and Germany it tops 10 percent.

What is REALLY going on with the “Withdrawal” votes

I don’t have the memos (or other smoking guns) to prove it, but there is a game being played with the “Withdraw from Iraq” talk.

If you’ve been reading the blogs, which means you are doing a far better job of ‘reading between the lines’ (and lies) of the MSM, you knew that Bush was going to start a drawdown in early to mid 2006.

It wasn’t a secret. The Pentagon was saying as much for months.

The Democrats, knowing that this would benefit Bush and the Republicans in the 2006 elections, were desperate to find a way to prevent such a scenario.

The lazy Administration and its dropping poll numbers gave them the perfect opportunity. They took a risk and played the “withdrawal” card. Though the Republicans won one of the rounds with their 403-3 vote, the Democrats won the game.

When the drawdown of troops starts in 2006, the Democrats will get more credit than Bush. The Administration played the “9/11 – Patriotism – Support our Troops” card. This was a mistake.

The far better strategy would have been to declare Iraq mostly “Iraqified”, announce that any “timetable” would be based upon benchmarks, and tell the American people that the Administration was two steps ahead of the Democrats.

It’s three years into a war. Playing the “9/11″ card was stupid. Which ever Republican candidate picks Rove in the 2008 primaries will lose. You can consider that a prediction.

Yooore Tiiiiiiiime is up

I understand her loss and have pity upon her for her son’s sacrifice. Yet, one shouldn’t allow themselves to become pawns of International ANSWER (commie dictator wannabees) and

Everyone gets their 15 minutes…

Cindy book-signing a very ‘lonely affair’