Extreme Wisdom Supports the Confirmation of Alito


I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I remain convinced that the Miers pick was all part of some Machiavellian/Rovian plot.

If you think about it, picking Alito right after Roberts would have meant a firestorm of protest. Also, the ease of Robert’s confirmation may have been part of a deal with Reid that Miers would be next (“you’ll get your Souter when I get Roberts”).

If so, Bush kept his part of the bargain,

Add to that the timing… If I’m not mistaken, every one knew EXACTLY when any indictments would hit based upon the Grand Jury’s time frame. It wouldn’t be at all hard to time the withdrawal of one pick with the picking of new one, all to compete with the news cycle and a competitive story.

Add to that the main case at issue… Alito’s dissent in the Casey Case – where he voted to uphold a law that said a husband should get notice of a wife’s abortion.

This is another “polling question” that will end up breaking 60/40 conservative.

I’d hate being in the position of hating Bush and trying to fight his agenda. These guys make Clinton look amateurish.

And how about that 3.8% growth in the teeth of two storms and high oil prices…..

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Earth to Michael Savage

Brendan Miniter has written a book called “The 22 Media Myths that Undermine the War on Terror.”

In it, he comments on the Suitcase Bomb myth that fires up the “Savage Nation” (a more accurate “truth in naming” cannot be found)

Read it and breathe easier. The “20 Suitcase Bombs from over the Mexican Border” adds some head to the foam at the mouth. But it isn’t the reality that matter to those folks anyway.

Here is the article.

A fun call with “Liberal Ken”

Liberal Ken is a friend of mine who wanted to call the show and gloat over the Libby Indictment. Listen, and tell me how that worked out.

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Miers Withdraws!!

And Good thing too!!

The conservative blogoshpere can take credit for another scalp. Once again, blogs vetted the nomination better than the media, and better than the Adminstration itself.

The more I read about Miers, the more convinced I am that she probably would have been WORSE than Souter.

For background on why, READ THIS.

Though the media had access to these types of information, it was the work of bloggers who brought these facts to the consciousness of conservatives. Conservative (before Republican) activist/bloggers brought down Lott (properly so) and they brought her down as well.

Though we will never know how good (or bad) as justice whe would have been, we know that we probably dodged a bullet. Bush now has the opportunity to nominate a better pick.

Tony Blair Supports “The Extreme Wisdom Plan for an Illinois Renaissance”

As America dithers over NCLB & Illinois dithers over fake “tax swaps”, Britain rips the cover off of the ball.

In the post below, we see that Britain is serious about reforming its education system. Like my proposal in the “Extreme Wisdom Plan“, he clearly sees that there is no more need of “Districts,” “Systems,” and other educationally worthless concepts.

Each school should be independent. Make all schools ‘private’ in how they educate. Only the funding need be public.

With Laborites like Blair, who needs Tories?

Funding for schools to be ‘fair and equal’

Every secondary school is expected to become an independent, self-governing academy within five years, Tony Blair said yesterday.

Parents would be given power to change the curriculum, replace failing heads and start new schools, he promised. Anticipating today’s education White Paper – “a pivotal moment in the life of this Government” – he outlined radical plans to “complete the reform” of state education in England that Labour started when it came to power eight years ago.

Councils will be stripped of their responsibility for schools; businesses, churches, City livery companies and wealthy individuals will be allowed to take over schools; independent schools will be encouraged to accept state cash and join the state sector; and there is to be a new emphasis on grouping pupils by ability and offering advanced classes to the brightest.

Mr Blair made clear that he was ready to resist opposition from the Labour Left and the teachers’ unions to opening up the system to parent power and ending comprehensive education.

He has decided to make reform of secondary education one of the defining issues of his remaining years as Prime Minister.

In what will be seen as a rebuff to his critics, including John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, he said: “Parts of the Left will say we are privatising public services and giving too much to the middle class. Both criticisms are wrong and simply a version of the old levelling down mentality that kept us in opposition for so long.”

The National Union of Teachers said Mr Blair’s “obsession with choice” would “lead to chaos” and accused him of “pandering to the pushy middle classes” at the expense of poorer children.


Leaving aside the incredibly ironic situation where a more socialistic country is lapping the USA in a race to improve education, the truly interesting thing about the above reforms is that they strip away the pretense that we need ‘Councils’ and ‘Districts.’

You may defend them from a financial perspective if you are employed by such a system, but to argue that you are “improving education” is intellectually dishonest.

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How to Stop Blago’s “All Kids”

Update: So Much for stopping “All Kids.” The Dems are exercising power while they’ve got it, and they are hell bent on Bankrupting the state in the hope that they buy enough votes.

The remainder of this post is out of date, but the commentary by Rasucheberger is still worth listening to.


Stopping “All Kids” could be considered a worthy mission for Illinois Right of Center Bloggers.

Toward that goal, I will float this post top of this blog for the next 6 Days or so. That’s because it is important that Illinois voters have the tools and text necessary to defeat Blagojevich’s cynical and destructive “All Kids” program.

This expansion of the “welfare state” is currently being heavily promoted by increasingly worried Democrats, who feel the need to max out Illinois credit card even further in an attempt to bribe voters into giving Blago one more term.

For starters, click HERE to download Steve Rauschenberger’s EXCELLENT commentary from Sunday’s Show. Send the link to THIS POST to everyone you know who calls and/or writes the State Legislators & Letters to the Editor.


Next, download this Download file
and fax it (with your signature) to your State Representative & Senator. To find out how to find those two people, go here.


The text for the flyer/letter is also available by clicking the “continue”link below.
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I can see this in the NRA’s next ad campaign

Happiness is a warm gun. Note the equalizing factor of having a gun mentioned in the article. Feminists should love guns, but like most collectivist ideologues, they are all about bringing the strong down – not strengthening the weak.

Iraqi women take up arms (Sharon Behn, October 24, 2005, THE WASHINGTON TIMES)

While most Iraqi women live in fear of terrorists and criminals, one small band of women has taken up arms and is prepared to fight back.

Employed by a private security company, the women ride in the front passenger seat posing as ordinary housewives when the company’s drivers transport customers around the city in nondescript vehicles.

But their firearms are always close at hand, and they are trained to respond with force if they come under attack. [...]

[E]ven as the violence shuts down many avenues to a normal life, for Rana, 35, Xena 31, Muna, 26 and Assal, 24, it has created the possibility of a good paying job and living on equal terms with Iraqi men.

“Before I got into this, I was like a normal female; when I heard bullets, I would hide,” said Muna, a stocky young woman in a black T-shirt and black pants.

“Now, I feel like a man. When I hear a bullet, I want to know where it came from,” she said, sitting comfortably with an AK-47 assault rifle across her legs, red toenails poking out from a pair of stacked sandals. “Now I feel equal to my husband.”

If the work provides personal fulfillment for Muna, her colleague Assal — a divorced mother — sees it as a cause.

“I have seen a lot of innocent people die,” she said, staring out with intense black eyes. “We are trying to defend ourselves and defend each other. I am doing this for my country.”

Like many Iraqis, she has no idea what the future will bring.

“I see today, I don’t see tomorrow,” she said, voicing a common refrain.

Finally, A glimmer of a Saddam/911 link

Though many will discount the news as sourced from Fox, the fact is that the unraveling of the “Oil for Food” scandal at the UN was bound to turn up links of Saddam’s money going to Al Qaida. One of the writers (Claudia Rosset) of the article below is beyond reproach regarding the UN scandal.

As I’ve pointed out on the radio show, In early 1996 bin Laden was broke, kicked out of Sudan, and hightailing it to Afghanistan. In late 1996, bin Laden was flush with cash, and declaring a holy war on the West.

An intervening event – The “Oil for Food” program starting at the UN. Anyway, it will soon be clear if I get to say “I told you so” – but the chances just went up markedly.

U.N. Procurement Scandal: Ties to Saddam and Al Qaeda

New details of how dark the scandal could prove to be have emerged from the private sale of IHC on June 3, 2005, just as the procurement scandal was about to break. It now appears that while doing business with the U.N., IHC had links both to Saddam Husseinís old sanctions-busting networks, and to a Liechtenstein-based businessman, Engelbert Schreiber, Jr., known among other things for his ties to a figure designated by the U.N. itself as a financier of Al Qaeda (search).

Registered in New York State, with offices in New York City and Milan, IHC has been involved in possibly hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of business with the U.N. since the mid-1990s, serving both as a direct supplier and as a go-between for a wide variety of other contractors. This work has included IHCís signing or helping to broker contracts for supplies ranging from portable generators to rations for U.N. peacekeeping troops in such trouble spots as West Africa and the Middle East.

IHC came under public scrutiny this summer, after FOX News broke the story on June 20 that IHC had maintained especially close ties with Alexander Yakovlev (search), a Russian official in the U.N. procurement department, who while handling an IHC contract with the U.N. had obtained a job for his son with the company, and had also been channeling funds to a secret offshore bank account.


There is your link, lefties. It was always there, and we are just beginning to see the outcome of the “Oil for Food” money trail

Reform Marches on – Despite Schemes like “All Kids”

The post below covers another angle on Reform that is starting to occur. This post covers another.

Governors that aren’t doing all they can to pull people out of private and individual choice are innovating in ways that Blago can’t even conceive of.

Romney gets look at $200 coverage

What this does, from our perspective, is validate everything we’ve spoken about on healthcare reform,” said Tim Murphy, secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. ”We didn’t make this up on our own. It disabuses the whole notion that these are stripped down, bare-bones products.”

There are currently about 460,000 people in Massachusetts — or 7 percent of the population — who lack health insurance, according to the governor. Many of those people wind up seeking noncritical care in hospital emergency rooms that must treat the uninsured, pushing up the cost of healthcare for everyone else.

Under the Romney plan, insurers will design low-cost health plans and sell them to employers. There wouldn’t be a single state-mandated program.